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David McDonald: The President Of OSI Group

The start of the millennium brought a new revolution in the international market. Many companies embraced technology, and most of them are enjoying the fruits of their labor. The competition in the market has been increasing with time. OSI Group McDonalds has enjoyed so much growth in the recent years.

The company has been riding on its success over the years, and this is attributed to individuals such as David McDonald. McDonalds has been working for this firm even before it rose to fame, and he has been part of the transformation happening in the organization. McDonalds has been in the meat processing industry for over three decades, and he can surely tell about the success OSI Group has been getting in the recent years.

When McDonald landed his first working position at OSI Group as the project manager, he did not understand so much about what was happening in the food industry. The young investor was, however, determined and highly motivated to venture into this career and make an impact in the global market. This determination has helped him to change positions and become the president of OSI Group. The company is not like any other in the food department. Those who have been keen on the news understand that OSI Group is one of the giants in the global food department.

OSI Group was established by a Germany butcher whose primary mission was to run a small meat store, supplying his products to the people in Chicago. The fact that he was an immigrant did not hinder him from being focused and working hard to change his life and that of his children. The company has grown from these humble backgrounds, and it is enjoying profits that have never been witnessed in the market before. David McDonald has been in the center of the company fame, ensuring that everything is running in the right direction. The company COO has also been supporting him in the international operations taking place in the company over the years. OSI Group McDonalds has used the education he acquired in the Iowa State University in the best way possible.

The Assured Growth Of The Talos Company

The Talos company, in the oil and gas industry, has been one of the most successful ones in the sector. This could mostly be attributed to the fact that they have chosen to concentrate on their production. In the same line, to reduce production costs, they have chosen to carry out their activities technically.

The management of the company is one of their greatest assets. Their objectivity in the line, which is built around growth and further exploration is common and there is consequent unity in the kinds of decisions they make. For instance, the company recently made the decision of establishing oil mines in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

The management when making the decision on the location of their new explorations was doing so with an aim of growth. The diligence of their decision was proved when they were able to build and develop two companies (Phoenix Exploration Co. and Gryphon Exploration Co.) which have worked well in delivering the required returns to investors in terms of profitability attributable to equity invested.

The Talos company is very lucrative for potential investors. Those who previously invested in company (in 2012) when it was starting its operations have realized a lot of profits on their equity. Such profitability would be desirable to any potential investor. This is even in consideration of the fact that the oil and gas industry usually thrive a lot, due to the scarcity and high demand for their products.

The recent merger between the Talos Co. and the Stone Energy Corporation is one of the major decision the company has made so far, and it is strategic enough to be expected to increase the profitability of the company in future. Their competitive position was improved by the decision to merge with another company in the industry.

From the way it is performing currently, the company is projecting growth in fiscal year of 2018. With their exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, their daily production would be expected to grow from 49,000 barrels of oil to at least 53,000 barrels daily. The growth of the company is a non-debatable guarantee, attributable to the decisions they have made in the recent past.

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Shaquille O’Neal and Boraie Development are Making Newark Beautiful

When Shaquille O’Neal and his mother were visiting some of their relatives in Newark several years ago, they realized that the city was becoming so different, and there were so many buildings that were getting too old. The region was no longer as attractive as it used to be decades ago when O’Neal and his siblings were growing up. The city looked so good, and it was easy for people to have fun and enjoy their lives when visiting their region for any holiday. Shaquille and his mother spoke with his mom for a long time, and they saw the need of an investor who was going to change the situation for the people living in the country. O’Neal knew that he was the person to take on this huge responsibility.


After making this discussion, O’Neal decided to turn around the situation in Newark, and communities can now have the beautiful city they were dreaming of. Just recently, the businessman was one of the few professionals who turned up so that they could celebrate the topping off of a building that had just been completed. The project that has just been completed is believed to have more than one hundred and sixty apartments, and they are all ready for the people to occupy. The topping off ceremony is one of a kind, and it has attracted the attention of prominent people in the country, including the governor for the region.


According to, the high profile figures attending the ceremony attending the event said that they were happy about the new look in the city. These individuals thanked O’Neal and Boraie Development for the great effort they had put so that the residents could enjoy the beautiful city they once had many years ago. These individuals appreciated the fact that O’Neal never forgot his roots despite the career achievements under his name.


Boraie Development is also a great player in the beauty Newark has been getting in the recent times. The company is not new to the people living in this part of the country. Boraie Development was founded by a real estate investor who wanted the city to have a different look, and it has been doing quite well. Real estate has become quite challenging for the ordinary American investor, but Boraie Development has managed to stand the heat and bring the services customers look for. The experienced professionals in Boraie Development have constructed so many beautiful houses in the country. Visit the company’s website at

Restoration After Harvey With Anthony Petrello

During the time after Hurricane Harvey, many in the Gulf Coast were left in bad shape due to the immense power and destructive force of the storm. Locals had to flee from many areas and were unable to return to their homes due to flooding and damage done by this storm that lasted through August and September 2017. The relief efforts brought many groups together to help restore some sense of normalcy with one being Anthony Petrello and Nabor Industries. Nabor Industries is the leading Geothermal and Natural Gas contractor in the in the world with many employees living in the areas affected. Mr. Petrello didn’t hesitate but acted with a generous and helping hand in Houston, Texas where a majority of the damage was felt.

Nabor Industries, led by Anthony Petrello opened up their kitchens on site to provide as much support as possible to those in need, as well as those helping with relief efforts. They provided three meals a day to many who were left without shelter as the storm destroyed many homes and businesses with high winds and heavy flooding. The employees of Nabor Industries started relief fund which Anthony Petrello matched at $173,622. The help was well received as many hands were involved in getting Texas as well as the rest of the Gulf Coast back to a much better circumstance.

Anthony Petrello is a graduate of both Harvard and Yale, holding a J.D. Degree from Harvard Law and a BS and MS in Mathematics from Yale. He and his wife Cynthia are both very generous and caring philanthropists who don’t hesitate when they are called upon for help or the need is there. Together they have donated to many causes including a $7 million donation to the Texas Children’s Hospital where Anthony was requested by their board to be a member and head the fundraising sector there. With help from Anthony and his wife, the hospital was able to start the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Center which has helped many children who suffer from a multitude of disorders. Anthony Petrello has found many causes to support and he’s shown that while being successful is important, helping your neighbor is even more important and gratifying as well.

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George Soros Donates $18 Billion To The Open Society Foundations

Iconic investor and hedge fund manager George Soros is not only famous for his riches and position as one of the wealthiest men in the world. Besides his investments, George is also a philanthropic man. At the age of 87, he has been involved in funding a human rights foundation he founded in 1979. The Open Society Foundations recently received $18 billion, a donation that quickly pushed the organization to be one of the largest non-profit companies in the world today. However, this is not the only donation that George Soros has made towards human rights funds. He has cumulatively contributed an estimated $32 billion towards this cause.

George Soros Background

George wasn’t born a wealthy man, and neither was life easy on him. He was born in Hungary in 1930 during one of the worst genocides to be experienced in the world. He managed to flee the country and put himself through college. George attended the London School of Economics and worked as a waiter and railway porter to meet his basic needs. In 1969, he created hedge fund which would grow to become one of the most successful in business history. He also actively invested in the Soros Fund Management, a family office that currently boasts more than $25 billion in assets.

George is a well-known supporter of political causes, and he dispenses his donations through the Open Society Foundations. He aims at providing finds to champion civil initiatives that are aimed at reducing poverty, promoting transparency, and providing scholarships to universities across the world.

Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations is the third largest charitable organizations in the world after the Bill and Melinda Foundation and the Wellcome Trust. The foundation has branches and partners all over the world. It primarily focuses on combating issues to do with human rights, discrimination, and injustice. Since its inception, the organization has championed liberal causes and supported nations in upholding human rights and justice. The foundation has given over $14 billion towards these causes since it was founded in 1979. Through the organization, George Soros has helped in the provision of essential amenities and accommodation to refugees and victims of political unrest in various countries across the world.

In 2017, the Open Society had an expenditure of $940 million. As aforementioned, the foundation has incurred expenses of up to $14 billion since it was formed. This is an indication of how significant a role it has played in issues to do with politics, economic governance, human rights, civic education, and justice reform.

The Success of George Soros

It is no doubt that George Soros is a successful investor and philanthropist. His success in financial markets has been a contributing factor towards establishing authority in his human rights causes. It has given him independence and allowed him to take a stand even on controversial issues. According to him, it is this success that enables him to do things that others cannot when it comes to raising a voice against injustices and discrimination in the world today.

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