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How GreenSky Continues to Remain a Financial Tech Leader

Many investors are watching the performance of companies within the financial technology sector. One of these companies has chosen to do things a bit differently than others, with great results. In this post, you’ll learn about the recent success of financial tech company GreenSky.

A Brief History of GreenSky

This company is one of the leaders in the financial technology industry. David Zalik, CEO of this company, wanted to find a way to make it easier for consumers to receive loans. Instead of using their own capital, this company partners with a network of banks. In addition, GreenSky currently has partnerships with nearly 12,000 merchants. This company also provides loans for consumers involving multiple types of medical procedures.

This Company’s Stellar Public Debut

Recently, GreenSky made its public debut and did better than industry expert estimates. This company was able to end the first 24 hours as a publicly-traded business with share prices reaching totals that were 1.5% higher than expected. In addition, this company was able to sell 38 million shares during this time which was 4 million more than estimates predicted.

Partnering with American Express

The amazing performance of GreenSky didn’t end with its IPO. Throughout August 2018, this company saw share prices increase by 17.1%. One reason for this sharp price increase was due to this company’s partnership with fellow financial giant, American Express. This partnership now means that this company is able to tap into American Express’s network of merchants. Considering that, it is expected that transaction volume will increase by 38-41% by the end of 2018.

To summarize, GreenSky is a company that seems to show no signs of slowing down. This company recently made an amazing public debut on the stock market. Things only got better for this company after they struck up a partnership with American Express. Company, Chinese Leader of Online Business Company, Chinese Leader of Online Business

JD .com is the largest online retailer in China as well as the biggest overall retailer in the country. The company is also China’s biggest internet company in terms of revenue. The company started as an internet store in Beijing before expanding to other parts of China. The idea of came during the SARS outbreak in China that made the companies employees and customers to remain indoors. Since this was a threat to the company’s future, the company decided to use find another way of accessing their customers from wherever they are. That is when became an e-commerce company.

JD .com’s Role in China’s Online Business

For decades, the company has been setting the standards of the online shopping in China by remaining committed to quality, authenticity and its wide covering of the products it offers. JD .com expanded from offering electronics to fresh foods and also cosmetics. The company has also been setting online shopping standards through its nationwide fulfillment networks that supply the same and next day deliveries covering a population of up to one billion.JD .com has attracted more customers through its first methods of transporting delicate items like food. Food is a very sensitive package to deliver since any obstacles along the way might end up spoiling the freshness of the food.

However, has supplied fresh food to all their consumers using the high-speed rail that has provided many advantages to the company. The high-speed rail serves the company with a lot of benefits when it comes to minimizing the time for traveling from the source of food’s production and the consumers’ doors. This has been made possible with China’s high-speed rails that go up to a speed of 250-350km/h more the rest of the world combined. Such factors have made remain at the top of the online business in China.The newly launched delivery service by will officially start operating in July and some of the items the company will be delivering include matsutake mushrooms native that will be transported to China’s southwestern Yunnan province. With entering into the intensely competitive package delivery market, it will have a taken a bigger percentage of China’s online business.



Talk Fusion has a New Video App to Enhance Communication in Business.

Established in 2007 with the objective of assisting businesses to gain their footing in the ever-competitive industry, Talk Fusion prides itself on being a revolutionary business tool that allows corporations to excel in their marketing efforts. Also considered as a cheerleader for companies that need to generate high-profit returns, the company has established a unique marketing platform that involves the use of videos. That is why today, Talk Fusion can stand tall amidst larger marketing agencies and claim victory. Given its huge client base, Talk Fusion is now able to serve over 140 countries. Well, what is more, the company just added a new video application to the already existing ones.




Features of the New Video Application




Go App has extremely, helpful features that allow businesses to utilize all available and modern marketing platforms. Even better, this application has additional functions to add convenience to the management. What is more, your company will gain a relatively competitive advantage in the industry. To purchase Talk Fusion’s new application, visit iTunes Stores or Google Play stores. Moreover, users can download the app to iPhones and iPods. IPad users have also not been left behind as the application can be downloaded from there as well. For users of Android devices, the app is open to those who can access the 4.3.3 system. Learn more:




Video Email




Talk Fusion’s leading product is video email. Whether the business is small or a huge stakeholder in the market, this application allows consumers to find the right product. Just to make sure that consumers receive products on time, the video email application will enable them to view your products on time. They will also monitor the crowd movement and preference from reviews.




Benefits of Using Video Email




The idea of video email was founded on the corporation’s ability to incorporate personalized emails for consumers. Together with team members and vendors, it is factual that this feature grabs their attention more than when a gondola or shelf strip (promotional materials) is used. All too often, a video email allows the corporation to reach the consumers faster and in a very convenient manner. Of course, higher rates of engagement translate to higher clickthroughs and eventually higher sales. With that said, let us look at how you can use the new video application.




Utilizing the Application




The new video application is effortless to use. For starters, record your video and upload it to the app. On the interface of the application, you will see an icon that gives you the option to choose.








Talk Fusion is known for rapidly growing America’s economy by providing advanced video communication to address marketing challenges in businesses. With the help of Bob Reina, its founder, the company has worked with some of the smallest business which, have emerged winners in their respective industries.

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