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Chaz Dean’s WEN Works Wonders for Blogger’s Frizzy Fine Hair

The no-poo method has become quite popular these days, especially for women who are tired of using regular shampoos and conditioners laden with harmful detergents. These no-poo methods are all not the same, however. The true pioneer of the no-lather shampoo is Chaz Dean, the famous LA stylist with a celebrity clientele.
Chaz Dean’s Wen hair cleansing conditioners leave out the sulfates or nasty chemicals that create the shampoo lather. Instead, his WEN formulas are made with natural ingredients and select botanicals that restore the shine, strength and manageability to any hair type. Chaz Dean believes so much in the WEN system, that he hasn’t used a lather shampoo on himself or his clientele since 1993. blogger Emily McClure was hoping that WEN could transform her fine, greasy hair, so she embarked on a 7-day WEN hair challenge.

Emily decided on a simple routine of a daily morning WEN wash, followed with blow-drying and styling. She posted hair selfies to show how her hair was responding.

As her hair got used to the new routine and no-lather cleansing conditioner, Emily discovered hair with gloss, softness and volume, and her selfies clearly display these features.

Emily admits she’s lazy about her hair care, and by the end of the challenge, decided that WEN wasn’t for her. Emily liked skipping a wash or switching up the routine and felt her results were not as amazing when she veered off the schedule.

Otherwise, Emily found the WEN system to be a great one for hair disciplined ladies who had the extra time to blow-dry and style their mane every morning.

She would reach for WEN again, if she had the proper time to use it. Wen hair is sold on Ebay.

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