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In the Midst of MCIA Defaulted Loan, Devco’s Heldrich Project Created Jobs

When Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (MCIA) funded the Heldrich project with a $20 million loan in 2005, the agency didn’t know the economy would quickly fall into a recession two years later. It shocked the world and had an impact on jobs, cost of living, corporations, and all sized-companies. The after effects were felt by U.S. States, including New Jersey and its city, New Brunswick. Rutger Today reported October 29th, 2009 that the N.J. recession began in January 2008. The state lost approximately 161,300 jobs, which is four percent of its employment force.

Economist Nancy Mantel predicted in 2009 at a conference that the economic recession would last, but enlargement would not occur until 2016. It is now 2016 and some economists are predicting a recession during the year internationally. If the assumption becomes reality, could it affect the economy in Brunswick. U.S. Census Quickfacts Report for 2010 through 2014 stated the work force labor was 60 percent of the population, including 16 years of age and up. The total population in the city in 2014 was over 57 thousand, with the remaining 40 percent including retirees, children under 16, and the unemployed.

Part of the mission of Devco is to improve the city of Brunswick by providing job opportunities and arranging financing for development and redevelopment projects. Agencies, including Devco increases employment and reduces unemployment in the State and cities in New Jersey. Whatever revenue Heldrich earned since 2007 until the end of 2015 was applied to employees’ payroll and taxes. Press of Atlantic City reported in an article on February 29th, 2016 that the Hotel employs 235 employees. The president of New Brunswick Development Corporation, Christopher Paladino said, “Heldrich′s employment of workers was an economic impact″ amongst other factors, including “real estate taxes and accommodating 100,000 quests in 2015″.




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