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Charles Koch’s Trump Or Clinton Decision

The choice of which candidate to support in the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections is something the majority of people in the country have been considering over the course of the nomination process for the Republican and Democrat Parties. For well known conservative donor and activist Charles Koch the choice of whomever is given the GOP nomination should be given his support should be a simple one to make; however, the rise of the anti establishment candidate Donald Trump has complicated matters for Koch and the Republican donor class he heads. The rhetoric and policy choices of Donald Trump have divided the party to such an extent that Koch has openly discussed the possibility of his support and donations being provided for Democrat Hilary Clinton.

The decision to switch to the Democrat side of the election will be a difficult one for Charles Koch to take as he is part of the largest groups of donors to conservative political groups and campaigns in the U.S. Charles Koch has spent much of his time and fortune made from Koch Industries developing a network of conservative educational programs at respected institutions across the U.S.; the need to develop policy that will benefit the entire nation has led to Koch providing his financial support for the Heartland Institute that conducts research to develop conservative policy.

Despite explaining to an ABC News reporter he was considering shifting his support to the campaign of Hilary Clinton many political observers believe Charles Koch was more likely making his unhappy feelings known to the Trump campaign. Charles Koch has been one of the most important donors to the campaign of various conservative candidates that has resulted in the GOP seizing control of both houses of the U.S. Congress; if the Trump campaign brings Charles and David Koch into its campaign the New York based real estate mogul and reality TV star should see his chances of winning the White House improve greatly.

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