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End Citizens United Sets the Table for 2018

There is a huge unseen problem in American politics that the average person isn’t aware of: dark money. Dark money sounds sinister and it is because it is fundamentally changing the way that the United States of America is operating. Dark money has flooded into American politics thanks to the controversial 2010 decision by the Supreme Court regarding the conservative group, Citizens United. Citizens United made it their mission to open up the doors of special interests and lobbying by loosening the restrictions on campaign financing. This resulted in big corporations, special interests, and billionaires flooding into politics in order to buy as many politicians as possible.


The group End Citizens United rose up out of this controversy in order to stand tall against the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United has one simple goal: to make their name a reality. End Citizens United is a political action committee that is led by President Tiffany Muller. They are focusing on creating an active environment for political engagement that gets progressives and moderates on board to try and fight back for campaign finance reform. The ultimate goal of End Citizens United is to get a constitutional amendment in place in order to reverse the Supreme Court decision.


Political engagement is altogether required for End Citizens United to have any sort of lasting success. End Citizens United has found some major success around the country over the past year or so due in large part to the general disdain of current President Trump. Trump, who is under investigation for working with Russia to steal the election, is the epitome of ‘special interests’ in Washington D.C. and his own campaign benefited greatly from loose restrictions. Since Trump’s election over 325,000 people have signed a petition to end Citizens United for good. While petitions won’t get anything done with President Trump in office, they do help to raise awareness for the fundamental issues at stake.


Outside of petitions the team at End Citizens United knows that they need to back politicians who are open to combating the Citizens United decision. Unfortunately this has become a partisan issue at the highest levels of government. Only liberals and democrats want to have a fair government without money polluting everything. There are 0, not an exaggeration, top Republicans on board with ending Citizens United. So, the team at End Citizens United has already begun to back progressives in the wake of the 2018 Congressional Elections that are just around the corner. End Citizens United has endorsed 11 Democrats already including Senator Feingold from Wisconsin and Senator Bennet from Colorado. A successful 2018 could turn into a changing tide in the future and End Citizens United might finally be successful.


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