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Fabletics: Crowd Favorite

For the longest time, companies had the power to determine which brands were considered high-quality. Consumers relied on traditional advertising to determine their final purchases. Recently, there’s been a shift in consumer behavior. People are no longer trusting traditional advertisements and started trusting online reviews from fellow consumers.

These crowd-sourced reviews offer insight into the product or service’s true quality. Over the years, more people joined the review-centric movement, forcing companies to rethink their traditional marketing strategies. One company having no problem adjusting to this new craze is Fabletics. Fabletics is proving to be one of the more savvy brands.

Fabletics was founded on a premise that centered on personalized service. The brand uses a subscription mechanic and offers personalized recommendations for each of its members every month. That attention to detail is what put Fabletics on the map, allowing the brand to compete in a marketplace already dominated by several big-name household brands.

Over the past four years, Fabletics attracted over one million people to their membership program, many of which opted for the VIP membership. People seem to really love the on-trend fashion for affordable prices. Additionally, members receive numerous discounts on hundreds of items up to 50 percent off.

There’s also a personal flare about Fabletics that attracts millions of people. That personal touch comes from one of the brand’s co-founders: Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is a renowned fashion icon and advocate for health and fitness. She saw Fabletics as an opportunity to help women look and feel their best.

For most activewear lines, it’s about being the most popular and most successful. For Hudson, it’s about America’s problem with health. She uses Fabletic’s fashion to inspire women to embrace active lifestyles at their own comfort level. It works best when people decided to become healthy on their own.

Kate Hudson learned early in life the power of inspiration. With the right encouragement, anyone can overcome any obstacle. Fabletics can best inspire women to embrace active, healthy life choices because Kate Hudson is inspired to help them. Her inspiration comes from her mother, who started her own foundation to help children learn mindfulness.

With that sort of role model, it’s no wonder why Hudson seems so fearless in her endeavor. Her desire to take America’s war against obesity will continue until she’s won.

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