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How To Become A Leader Rather Than A Boss, Josh Verne Style

Josh Verne is the CEO of and one of the most trusted and respected entrepreneur in the business. His over 20 years of experience has given him a variety of insights into the world of leadership, one that he recently shared in a delightful and engaging podcast. It is one that truly illustrates the depth of his favorite quote by Johnathan Swift: “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”


Understanding The Difference Between A Boss And A Leader

Josh Verne discussed an interesting point in his podcast that many in the management business ignore: the difference between a boss and a leader. Not all bosses are leaders: in fact, bosses are, by definition, not leaders. According to Verne, a boss is a self-centered person in control who demands respect and does what is in his best interest.


Think of a boss who asks you to stay late to work on a project so that he doesn’t get in trouble. They might get things done in a slapdash way, but only to make themselves look good. The much rarer type of manager is a leader. This is a person who puts the needs of his group before his own and gains respect by granting it.


A good leader typically works just as hard as his underlings, if not harder. Anyone who wants to succeed in business needs to learn how to be a leader. Verne gives several tips on how to achieve this goal, many of which are insightful and interesting.

Verne’s Tips For Becoming A Leader

To avoid becoming a boss and to learn how to become a leader, Verne has a variety of tips that he suggests you master. For example, you need to learn how to get respect from your employees by not forcing your will on them. Make sure they understand that you put their needs before your own by sacrificing your time to help them succeed.


Another tip he suggests is to always devise a win-win whenever possible. Don’t put your employees in a situation where they can’t help but lose. This will anger them and make them work less hard to achieve success. Instead, focus on a plan that will please everyone, including getting their goals done on time and sacrificing some of your needs for theirs.


Listening is another important skill that Verne really focuses on, as few bosses really listen to their employees. Instead, they just talk and talk without learning a thing. Listening to what your employees have to say, and reacting to it in a positive way, is to Verne, the most important way of achieving success as a leader.


Balance and passion: these are the two keywords he hammers on time and time again. This interesting and engaging podcast is one that anyone in a management position should listen to multiple times. It will help you become not only a better leader, but maximize the happiness of your employees.


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