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Investment Advice From Christopher Linkas

Christopher Linkas has worked in investment ever since he first graduated college in 1991. After college, things were not sail so smoothly due to a loan crisis and a recession, but the young man was able to pave out a path for himself. Oddly, the recession actually helped the young man to better about investments and creating financial stability for himself. He found work at a consulting firm. He moved up to credit and investment work. He ended up running a New York based real estate investment company.


Working heavily in real estate investment, caused Christopher Linkas to come across a lot of commercial property deals. He eventually grew a liking to this type of work. He prefers commercial investments over traditional ones like the stock market. He liked commercial real estate investments because when investors placed their money into these type of investments along with stocks and bonds, the investor was better equipped for the fluctuating wave of the market.


Christopher Linkas has good advice for investors. He recommends commercial real estate investment for all investors to add to their portfolio. Although this type of investment is a bit safer, fluctuations cannot be entirely ruled out. He urges investors to understand that different types of properties fluctuate differently on the market. Some types of properties are in demand seasonally and some year-around. This timing of the year does factor in on the rising or lowering of value for an investment property. He urges investors to learn of the three types of risk: low, moderate and high.


Christopher Linkas’s experience has caused him to be a sought after investment advisor. Currently, he is heading the credit division of a corporation in Europe. His company holds several real estate properties due to his commercial investment leadership. He hopes to bring more new opportunities to the company on a global level.


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