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Is Kyle Bass’ Middle Name “Suspicious”?

When someone suddenly appears on the national stage, it is always cause for suspicion. The difficulty of navigating the mainstream media usually indicates connections one way or another. Kyle Bass definitely seems to have these kinds of connections, and suspicion has followed him perpetually. The thing is, that suspicion is not without reason.

Kyle Bass just seemed to appear out of the blue with a prediction that ended up being true. That prediction regarded 2008’s housing market, and an imminent collapse. When Bass’ was proved correct, everyone began to pay attention to him. Since that time he’s made quite a few appearances on mainstream media outlets. His hedge fund isn’t doing so well, however. Bass manages the fund in Texas, and whenever he makes a television appearance, the thing seems to perform more poorly. How is it someone with such a promising introduction to the market would have such trouble managing his own hedge fund? Even mediocre managers outperform Bass, and that’s suspicious.

Yet more suspicious is his “humanitarian” organization CAD. CAD is the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. They don’t do anybody any favors, despite seeming to offer a real service to society. Bass uses CAD to devalue the price big-ticket pharmaceuticals sell their drugs for. As a result the pharmaceuticals can’t funnel proper funding toward things like research and development, and conditions which may have been cured after several years’ research instead prove fatal. Furthermore, the stock of those companies takes a big dip. Kyle Bass profits from this stock diminishment by short selling his holdings and skittering away with millions.

Such behavior is so concerning even the United States congress estranged political differences to find a bipartisan solution against Bass’ actions. But Bass actions have this surprising quality: they’re technically legal–though obviously fraudulent and evidently damaging.

Adding to the suspicion are Kyle Bass’ ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, well-known socialist advocate. De Kirchner is president of Argentina, and has run the country so poorly that economic defaults have stricken twice in thirteen years of her financial choices. Yet though Bass made his fame predicting the fallout of poor choices in America, he’s got nary a negative thing to say about de Kirchner. In fact, he seems bent on advocacy for her and her designs. This is like the suspicious cherry on the suspicious cake.

Between Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, CAD, the poor performance of Bass’ hedge fund, and increasingly inaccurate mainstream media appearances, there is a suspicious buffet surrounding this man that can’t be ignored.

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  1. An effluvia of ulterior motive effervesces through any atmosphere Bass inhabits, so savvy financiers shouldn’t be negligent in trusting their senses. If Bass raises hackles, it’s for good reason: the man is definitely up to something. That is because they recieved grades research paper in a very large amount.

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