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JD .com is the largest online retailer in China as well as the biggest overall retailer in the country. The company is also China’s biggest internet company in terms of revenue. The company started as an internet store in Beijing before expanding to other parts of China. The idea of came during the SARS outbreak in China that made the companies employees and customers to remain indoors. Since this was a threat to the company’s future, the company decided to use find another way of accessing their customers from wherever they are. That is when became an e-commerce company.

JD .com’s Role in China’s Online Business

For decades, the company has been setting the standards of the online shopping in China by remaining committed to quality, authenticity and its wide covering of the products it offers. JD .com expanded from offering electronics to fresh foods and also cosmetics. The company has also been setting online shopping standards through its nationwide fulfillment networks that supply the same and next day deliveries covering a population of up to one billion.JD .com has attracted more customers through its first methods of transporting delicate items like food. Food is a very sensitive package to deliver since any obstacles along the way might end up spoiling the freshness of the food.

However, has supplied fresh food to all their consumers using the high-speed rail that has provided many advantages to the company. The high-speed rail serves the company with a lot of benefits when it comes to minimizing the time for traveling from the source of food’s production and the consumers’ doors. This has been made possible with China’s high-speed rails that go up to a speed of 250-350km/h more the rest of the world combined. Such factors have made remain at the top of the online business in China.The newly launched delivery service by will officially start operating in July and some of the items the company will be delivering include matsutake mushrooms native that will be transported to China’s southwestern Yunnan province. With entering into the intensely competitive package delivery market, it will have a taken a bigger percentage of China’s online business.



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