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Kamil Idris and Intellectual Property Proficiency

Professor Kamil Idris was given the opportunity to work as WIPO’s (World Intellectual Property Organization) Director General yet again all the way back in 2003. Idris talks at length about the WIPO’s annual objectives. Some of the topics he talks about are intellectual property law establishment and an international patent system. He first worked as the group’s Director General back in 1997. World Intellectual Property Day is something that’s quickly gaining traction everywhere. It’s been in existence since the year 2000. It’s a day that revels in the innovation human beings bring to the table. It’s also one that showcases how intellectual property operates. World Intellectual Property Day strives to honor all types of artists and inventors regardless of their statuses on the planet. It’s a day that acknowledges that these kinds of people make life a lot better for everyone else. They enhance lives via their imaginative streaks. They have intellectual property rights that call for the esteem of others as well.


Professor Kamil Idris hails originally from Sudan, a Northeastern African country. He was born at the end of the summer back in 1954. He studied at Khartoum University in Khartoum in Sudan. This school has the distinction of being the nation’s biggest one. It’s also older than all of the rest. It’s been in operations since 1902. Idris has a Bachelor of Law degree from the admired Sudanese school. He also traveled to the Middle East to pursue his education. Idris studied at Egypt’s Cairo University. He secured Bachelor of Arts degrees there in diverse topics such as Economic Theories, Political Science and, last but not least, Philosophy. He even went all of the way to the United States to do some learning. Idris studied at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. This is where he focused on both International Affairs and International Law. That’s not even where his education ended.


Kamil Idris became part of the WIPO in the early eighties. He was part of the International Law Commission between the years of 1992 and 1996. The International Law Commission is a group that was set up by the United Nations General Assembly back in the forties. He went back to the International Law Commission for a year or so in 2000 as well. Idris exited it in 2001. Idris is a global civil servant who has a lot of knowledge that pertains to intellectual property.

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