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More about Jeff Aronin and His Paragon Bioscience

Jeff Aronin serves as the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the Paragon Biosciences. With a wide experience and the deep knowledge that Jeff Aronin Possesses, it makes him one of the leading entrepreneurs in healthcare and biotechnology. By manipulation of his entrepreneurial energy and his expertise in his industry, he is working towards the foundation of a top investor and incubator of young startups biotech companies.


While still young in his career, Jeff Aronin knew that his passion was totally in the sector of health care. One day he got a chance to experience and witness a doctor treat a baby with constant seizure, and this resulted to making a deep impact on Aronin’s career decision.


Back in the year 2000, Jeff Aronin founded and became the Chief Executive Officer of Ovation Pharmaceutical Inc. At the Ovation Pharmaceutical the strategy mainly entailed comprehension of the needs of the patients, finding promising science and finally bringing a team together for the approving of the medicine. After Ovation Pharmaceutical Inc. had been operational for about nine years, it was bought by Lundbeck at 900 million dollars. After it was purchased, Jeff Aronin still served as the president and the Chief Executive Officer so as to oversee the new transition.


At paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin has been the CEO for the last ten years. His specialization in patient drug development and also in complex science has resulted to him becoming one of the most innovative and successful leaders in the field of bioscience. What Jeff basically does is try to address the requirements of patients with rare disorders, which are unmet.


Jeff Aronin being a scientific visionary person and an entrepreneur have largely attributed to the approval of more than 12 new technologies and medicines. Apart from the posts mentioned above, where he served in leadership positions, Jeff Aronin was also once a chairman in a number of several life companies such as Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, Harmony Biosciences and the Paragon Pharmaceuticals.


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  1. This was on account of rather than the specialist regulating a noteworthy cerebrum medical procedure on the kid, he utilized medication as an alternative, which influenced Aronin to appreciate the intensity of solution and pharmaceuticals. This is also another reason why this review came as a serious sting to them even though it wasn’t planned from the beginning to the end but it still made a whole lot of sense to them all.

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