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The Incredible Success Of Evolution Of Smooth

Large companies such as Chapstick have been dominating the lip balm industry for the last century. They have not really had much competition until recently. Evolution Of Smooth is a company that is only a few years old but they have managed to amass revenue of several hundred million dollars. They have proved to be a fierce competitor for the top spot in the lip balm industry. The only company to exceed the sales of EOS is Burt’s Bees. Chapstick has taken a back seat to both of these companies Your text to link… .

In a short period of time, the EOS company went from being unheard of, to being seen in the possession of some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. EOS became the brand to have once celebrities began to buy the product ( Celebrity power combined with smart marketing strategy helped to propel the brand to become one of the largest lip balm companies in the country.

Evolution Of Smooth has a revolutionary design that is both eye-catching and functional. The flavors are also appealing and there are plenty to suit just about anyone’s preferences. Flavors were fairly limited up until EOS arrived on the market. The products are now being sold by online merchants ULTA and eBay. The key to the EOS companies success isn’t just clever marketing, it truly has a great product that customers love to use. EOS is not found in just about every drugstore, big box store, and supermarket in the country. They have become incredibly successful and are projected to continue to grow substantially in the coming years. The success story of EOS is truly remarkable and has inspired other companies to try to achieve the same type of rapid growth and popularity.

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Kabbalah “Secrets” Point Toward Source of Wisdom and Joy

It is said that Kabbalah is not as secret teaching, but the teaching of a secret.

Through Kabbalah, life’s most central secrets are revealed. Interestingly, some things don’t seem like a secret until you start thinking about them more deeply.

For example, an important element of Kabbalah is the recognition that life is constructed of opposites on many levels. Where there is light, there is dark. The opposite of cold is warmth. Dominance is opposed to passivity.

This may seem abstract at first. When you look more deeply, however, a secret presents itself. And if we can unravel that secret meaning, we can expand our consciousness, and realize a greater harmony with the Creator.

Let’s take a practical example:

In many relationships, you will find direct opposites at play. One partner may be incredibly dominant, making all the important decision, deciding what the couple should do, handling all the money, even controlling all aspects of the sexual relationship. The other partner, then, will be the passive one, allowing the other to make all the decisions.

While some couples may prefer this situation, looking at it through the lens of Kabbalah centre shows a situation that may be out of balance. This in turns causes strife and unhappiness in the relationship. Note that this unhappiness can be on both sides.

Always being the dominant “decider” may seem nice, but it comes with a lot of pressure to be the one with all the responsibility, and therefore the one to blame for all negative consequences.

On the other hand, the passive person with no control can feel more like a slave in such a relationship than contributing partner. It might seem nice to never have to make the big “tough decisions, but it also renders one powerless and feeling frustrated.

It’s a better idea for the relationship to come into greater balance where decision and responsibilities are shared more equally – with a more balanced distribution of power – including passivity.

Such relationships tend to flow more harmoniously, reducing strife and promoting happiness for both.

Balance and harmony in all aspects of life is a central “secret” teaching of the Kabbalah, but once the secret is revealed and understood, it unleashes harmony and joy.

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Former Hawks ownership Files a Lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company

The New Hampshire Insurance Company is experiencing hard times after the Atlanta Hawks basketball and Entertainment Company sued them. The Atlanta Hawks claims that the insurance firm breached a contract involving the reimbursement of claims presented by the ex-general manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson was one of the owners of the former Hawks ownership group (AHBE). Note that the lawsuit does not embroil the present Hawks ownership group supervised by Tony Ressler. The complaint against the insurance firm was filed in the Fulton County Superior Court on September 13. The charges were described as AIG, which meant that a civil action for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. The former Hawks ownership group says that an insurance cover was provided under a policy of coverage for some losses linked to employment practices such as some acts of wrongful cessation and workplace torts. As per the court documents, AHBE issued a notice to AIG on 2nd April 2015 stating that Ferry asserted all the claims and it assumed that they were covered.

According to ESPN, the six-year-old relationship between Ferry and Hawks ended when the two parties reached an undisclosed acquisition pact on 22nd June 2015. After two years, the sale of the franchise to Ressler was approved. The lawsuit explains that the sensitive limits of liability of the policy are enough to play the claim of AHBE. The lawsuit further explains that AIG has refused to admit that the complaint was filed and it has been triggered.

About Bruce Levenson

Mr. Bruce Levenson schooled at of Washington University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Mr. Levenson is the co-owner and partner at United Communication Group (UCG) and he also owns the Atlanta Spirit LLC. Before establishing UCG, Bruce Levenson worked as an editor for Washington Star and Observer Publishing.


The Bright Side of Doe Deere

The Russian-born Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the New York City-based Lime Crime Cosmetics. After growing up loving and perfecting the art of cosmetics, she opened up an account on eBay in 2004. On a whim, she titled the account “limecrime.” She officially founded Lime Crime online company in 2008. She has found that this online presence is the key with the public making a shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online stores. With all of the advantages of online shopping this makes perfect sense. But it is not thought the crossover could be made with cosmetics. Read more:

Deere is a pioneer in successfully selling cosmetics online in a market where it has always been believed that customers need to come into the store and try it on for themselves first. To do this she invented the “on-lip” lipstick swatch instead of the usual which is having the lipstick on a white cut-out. But this technique alone did not bring the company smashing success. There have been many innovative techniques which they continue to churn out. One of her many talents is the uncanny ability to know what consumers want.

Since that time it has become one of the most popular cosmetics companies in the world. She has found much success in emphasizing going with the look that you feel is right for you on a given day. For her, she is usually drawn to bright colors. She spends her days various meetings with the Creative Director, President (Deere’s husband), Vice President, and COO; directing visuals; and creating new products in the lab. After a any cosmetic product is created, she tests it out on herself first. As a successful businesswoman, Deere has also become committed to supporting and mentoring other young businesswoman.

She is a frequent speaker at special events and she often advises aspiring businesswomen via Instagram. For all aspiring businesspeople, she highly recommends Donald Trump’s Think Big & Kick Ass. She claims that this one book completely revolutionized the way she looked at business. She also recommends The Brand Gap and Zag, both of which she says were gamechangers for her. All of this may make it seem that the cosmetics industry has always been her profession. Although cosmetics has been her primary passion for most of Deere’s life, cosmetics was not her first profession.

Prior to this role Deere worked at an insurance company and various administrative jobs for most of her 20s. In the early 90s, She was also in a rock band where she met her husband. Actually making her true passion her career so late in life is one of her biggest regrets. Her instincts told her to start sooner and she wishes she had listened to it. Because of this she has made listening to her instincts a primary factor in moving forward. And Deere and her loyal team are very confident that the future will remain bright for Lime Crime.

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Stephen Murray Was a Great Deal Maker and Philanthropist

Stephen Murray had a long career in the financial sector of New York City. He was also one of the most active philanthropists in the city. He died last year after retiring from his private equity group, CCMP Capital, one month earlier due to health complications. He was 52 years old.


After being born and raised in Westchester, NY, Stephen Murray started out his career by gaining the asset of a good education. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics from Boston College in 1984 on He was still active at the school up until his death. He then got his Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia University before entering the workforce.

Early Career

He started his career after his undergrad working for Hanover Trust in the credit department. He started as just a trainee but worked his way up and rose to the position of VP of Middle Market Lending in just 5 years. He worked for Hanover trust until 2000. That is when they were bought out by Chase Bank. During his time at Hanover, Murray did join a private equity firm that would later develop into what we know today at CCMP Capital.

After the merger, Murray was employed at JP Morgan & Chase as head of the buyout division. He had experience with this as he had been running a private equity fund for about 10 years that specialized in bank buyouts and growth lending. This fund would continue to grow until Chase bought out Bank One.

Read more: CCMP Capital Advisors Gets Backing to Resume Investing From Fund


The merger with Bank One was the genesis for the creation of CCMP Partners. Bank One already had a private equity division on The CCMP fund was spun out of Chase Bank to prevent any conflict of interest between the fund and any of Chase’s clients from occurring.

Murray was known as a great deal-maker by his colleagues in the financial industry. This is a skill that he used often during his time as CEO of CCMP. The fund focused on making investments in the retail, healthcare, and energy markets. Their investments were fairly large as they average between $100 million and $500 million per transaction.


On top of his successful business career, Murray also gave back to the community. His most notable role was a member of the board for the Make a Wish Foundation in Metro New York. He also served on the Board Of Trustees at his alma mater, Boston College.

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The Prime New York Town Residential

Town Residential is New York’s leading real estate company. This innovative residential agent is reportedly negotiating discussions for a possible partnership with another real estate Agency based in Beverly Hills. It is evident that the alliance will lead to Town’s brand ownership restructure. The combination is anticipated to give the organization new proximity to its clients.


Town Residential has prime real estate agents who have helped the company manage multi-million annual sales. Andrew Heiberger is the head of Town Residential dynamic team of experts. This team of experts is composed of successful leaders in the rentals development and marketing service industry. Town Residential’s new selections of project developments comprise of luxury condo projects developed on 212 Fifth Avenue. Besides Town’s New York geographic base, it has other dealings in the main cities across the United States. Town Residential recently opened up new offices in Queens and Brooklyn.


Town’s strategy to the Real Estate market world is very simple but all-incorporative. Heiberger announced it’s ongoing Beverly Hills Partnership reports. Heiberger also showed the company’s excitement in the deal which somewhat indicates the expansion of its business plan, overall management, and brand. It is assumed that the firm is striving to expand its customer reach by utilizing these new flexible office locations in Astoria, Williamsburg, and the Brooklyn Heights.


The Chief Executive Officer hinted on the company’s visions for further conventional expansions through the acquisition of other regional startup firms. He also showed the organization’s excitement in the deal which somewhat indicates the expansion of its business plan, overall management, and brand. The company aims to offer these start-ups with capital costs as well as maintenance and savings facilities. The company seeks to establish three other locations by 2017. It is important to note that they will be situated at 240 Brooklyn Bedford Avenue, 3537 36th Astoria Street, and at 195 Montague Street.


Each of these sites will contain up to twenty sales managers and sales executives. The Montague site will be sustained with nine hundred and thirty million dollar expenditure to expand the company’s marketing efforts. The CEO also endorsed the relocation of Town’s affiliates, the Ingram, and Thomas into popular meatpacking district facilities. These new offices are meant to take over the Hudson Yards and TriBeCa real estate markets. These moves are considered as Town’s intentions to modify both its market possibilities and geographic track expansions.


Experts judge the recent competitive spending habit as an overspending. Town Residential’s recent deployment of significant expenditures in acquiring modern offices has been the primary basis for the overspending assertion. Heiberger maintains the transparency of his company operations and shows his business commitment in presenting their clients with information transparency, expert guidance, and exceptional customer service delivery.

The Standards Set in Assisted Living



In an article from PR Web titled “San Luis Obispo Assisted Living Facility The Manse on Marsh Announces Farron Bernhardt as New CEO”, Farron Bernhardt was recently presented as the new senior living community’s new Chief Executive at The Manse on Marsh located in downtown San Luis Obispo. Bernhardt has over 30 years experience working in various senior housing leadership positions including being the Vice-chair of Assisted Living for Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND). He is well known for his active management style which fits well the Manse Marsh’s community of staff and residents, and Assisted Living feels he’ll be a huge addition to The Manse. He comes to this community with the objective of setting the standards for excellence not only in the Central Coast but also far and wide. This is in relation to his core duties of improving senior care in such facilities.

The community at The Manse on Marsh has received several awards among those being the Star Award which they won in two consecutive years. Most recently, the community was designated as the “ Best 2016” by This ranks them among the best 1% of senior healthcare providers in the country. The addition of Farron Bernhardt will play a significant role in improving the conditions of the facility even further. The Manse on Marsh is situated in downtown San Luis Obispo which is regarded as the center of the Central Coast. This facility serves a home for families who are seeking assisted living care in areas like Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles, and other neighboring areas. The facility has various amenities that include private homes and flats, restaurants, transportation, maid and laundry services, social activities, caregivers, nurses and personal assistance personnel.

The staff at this facility are friendly and make sure that the residents are well catered for in a safe and conducive environment. There is a wide variety of lifestyle options to choose from which blend well with an individual’s privacy, independence, safety and comfort. Some of these lifestyle options include single bedrooms, studios, adjacent homes and cottages. In addition to these, there are also complimentary services which are offered to align with any particular lifestyle. This facility is not for permanent stays only but also accepts temporary stays as well. This also includes respite stays for those who are recuperating. This then works towards improving the welfare of respite resident’s rehabilitation program with the objective of benefiting each and every resident in the community


The Growing Importance Of A Good Reputation

Times have changed a lot in just the past few years. Mentalities are changing as well. For one thing, people are starting to care more about the companies that they do business with beyond the products and services that are being offered. This current era has brought forth a lot of people that are more conscious about a business. Therefore, it is important that the business not only offers great products, but is also involved in plenty of socially responsible activities. Therefore, it is important for any given business to make sure that they are putting forth a good image with effective online reputation management.

Even with effective management of online reputation, there is likely to be at least a bad article that pops up on the front page of the search results. This is why it is important for a business owner to find someone or something that could bury bad news. One of the ways to be effective is to find a company that is dedicated to the craft of reputation management. This will make it so that not only will the company bury bad search results, but also present content that will make the person look a lot better.

One such company is Bury Bad Articles. The professionals are not only able to do their job with their clients, but they are also aware of what could happen with a bad search result. They are also aware of what could happen if they allow the bad result to sit at the front page. Therefore, they come up with a plan that involves the help of the client. The client is given a lot of room to act in ways that will give the reputation firm some content to write about. Not only will the client be able to change his reputation, but he will also be able to have a significant boost in his success.

How EOS Made a Boring Product Sexy and Fun

Re-thinking an old, somewhat boring product to ignite interest and loyalty among today’s millennials may not sound like the best business strategy, but the founders of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) sure got it right. Their lip balm has taken the market by storm and has young women exciting about oral care.

With incredible hands-on attention to detail, co-founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky turned their start-up lip balm company into a fast-growth company whose product line is a staple in every with-it woman’s hand bag.

Keeping their target audience – fashionable female purchasers between 25 and 35 – in laser focus, the founders developed a product that appealed to all five senses, from the sound of the closing, brightly colored orb to the taste of the flavors. They also appealed to the generations’ socially conscious side and decided to go with all organic ingredients, while keeping their lip balm at a modest price point. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of the founders, as well as their commitment to developing a truly distinguishable and top-quality product, were a great resource for EOS Lip Balm, particularly in the early days of the start-up.

To market their product, EOS went straight to the audience they hoped would fall in love with their product. They created a buzz through beauty bloggers and on social media channels. They reached out to beauty bloggers who reviewed the product and talked about it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Endorsements from stylish celebrities didn’t hurt, nor did partnerships with other, well-established brands. In short, EOS made a stale, boring product hip and cool and established a market for it. To put their swift success in the oral care industry in perspective, EOS now sells approximately 1 million units a week and experts predict that the oral care market will grow steadily as customers continue to gravitate to all-natural and organic products, which is the hallmark of EOS ( As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and the company’s success has spawned copycats, who created lip balms in similar packaging and flavors.

The founders of EOS, who manufacture their own product rather than contracting out to a third party, are aware of the fickle nature of the beauty industry and know they must keep demonstrating the same kind of innovation to keep consumers’ interest. EOS now includes lines of hand and body lotion and shaving cream, and as was teased in a recent overview of the company in Fast Company magazine, plans to offer additional products in other categories in the future. Visit the


The Role of Keywords in Writing a Quality SEO Article

The importance and relevance of employing the use of Keywords while writing an SEO article need not be over emphasized. Search Engine oriented articles have in the recent past been used an effective tool of advertisements. This is as a result of the recent spike in internet users with the society embracing the internet as an effective tool of passing valuable information.
SEO’s have in the past used Keywords as an effective means of guaranteeing a higher position in the SERP’s. In the past SEO authors used a rather unscrupulous mode of writing. Most writers preferred flooding articles with keywords in a bid to gain prominence through internet clicks.
However, this is not the case in the present reality. With SEO authors departing from the traditional mode of writing. This is as a result of Search engine developers seeking to address concerns raised by searchers with regards to the quality and relevance of information provided to internet users.
This has resulted to SEO authors embracing a different approach while writing the articles in a bid to conform to the demands and requirements dictated by internet users. Some authors choose to hold onto the traditional method with the most common method seen when reviewing titles and Meta descriptions, which is commonly referred to as word stuffing.
The most recent and accepted way of writing an SEO article is more descriptive and definite. In writing a quality SEO article under this model, SEO authors should lay emphasis on the use of Keywords. Keywords have not lost their glory, in essence keywords should be used with the intention of addressing the web searchers.
Under the new model keywords ought to be used in the page title, this is because keywords inform web searches as well as search engines on what a page is about, Keywords should also be used in the headline while maintaining relevance on the subject. The Meta description, is also an important part of an SEO, it does not guarantee clicks bit plays an important role in describing what a page is about. A quality article should also include an image that contains keywords. It is however important for White Shark Media to proof read their articles to ensure that they do not use too many keywords.
The process of choosing keywords to use in an article can prove to be very daunting. It requires intensive research in an attempt to get valuable insights as well as maintain relevance to the subject the article seeks to address. After the research it is important for an article author to design a catchy title that contains the keywords. In designing the keyword, authors can choose to use synonyms that are accepted by search engines.
Search engines have become smarter and it is therefore important for all SEO authors to embrace these changes to effectively direct potential searchers to their site.


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