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Former Hawks Owner Sues Insurance Company Over Ferry Settlement

The Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Baskteball LLC, the former group owning NBA franchise, filed a lawsuit against New Hemisphere Insurance Company for involvement in Contract breach on the settlement claims by Danny Ferry, the former general manager.
The former ownership group of the Hawks (AHBE) encompassed Bruce Levenson, the controlling partner. The lawsuit had nothing to do with the current ownership of Hawk led by Tony Ressler, the principle owner. The litigation, filed in the Fulton County Superior Court on Sept, 13 against New Hemisphere Insurance Firm, is a civil lawsuit for contract breach and assurance stale faith. AHBE claims that his company was insured a policy that would cover his business for certain losses regarding “Workplace Torts” and “Wrongful Termination.” According to the documents in court, AHBE gave notice to the insurance company on April 2, 2015, that the claims were asserted by Ferry that was thought to be covered.

Hawks and Ferry ownership reached an agreement on June 22, 2015 (, finishing the six-year relationship, 2012, $18 million relationships. The approval for the sale of the franchise to the group led by Ressler came two days later. According to the current Hawks ownership spokesman: “We are conscious of the protest. The involved parties have no ties to Atlanta Hawks, and we have no further comment regarding this matter.”

According, the documents in court, the amount of the lawsuit is confidential. The litigation states that the policy liability confidential limits are sufficient in playing AHBE’s claim.

Bruce Levenson is the United Communications Group (UGC) Partner and Co-Founder. Mr. Bruce Levenson is also Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Owner. He co-founded UGC in 1977 with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. Before founding UGC, he authored for Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He has also directed TechTarget, Inc. Read more on


Achievements of Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is trying very hard to bring balance both to the National Assembly and the Agricultural sector. He is now the deputy of National Assembly in the state of Guárico where formally he was the president of FEDECAMARARAS. He offered quality services in both areas in the public service though they were different but also complimentary and this increased his popularity. He is a highly respected businessman and is now moving on to politics.

His Views on Politics

Having being in the Agricultural sector before, Jose is very concerned about precarious situation affecting Guárico agriculture. Due to lack of foreign exchange means, farmers in this area stopped producing high tons of rice since they were unable to predict the future. It is very important for farmers to be guaranteed that the crops they produce will have a passage for foreign exchange. Manuel predicted that there will be shortages of food in the country if the matter concerning foreign exchange was not looked at by the Assembly. The Assembly could not offer any solutions to the farmers and hence no one was there to listen to their concerns.

Since Jose Manuel Gonzalez has been frustrated by the National Assembly, he still thinks that the experience he has had is invaluable. He is a full-time deputy and spends most of his time interacting with communities and attending meetings. With this, he has developed a close relationship with them and earned their respect too which he feels good about. He hopes to improve the national interest which he has convinced the public about. Manuel believes that politics is the major cause to the fall of any country and he therefore refuses to have the politician course.


Jose Gonzalez states that having a national agreement is the best way to ensure that the country will feel good about it and also take into consideration all the responsibilities owned to the future generations. He also feels that the best party to launch this agreement should be the government by ensuring there is proper governance in the country. Economic growth and peace should be the main concerns during the launch.

Thor Halvorssen Wants To Bring In As Many Good People To The Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen has run the Human Rights Foundation for some time, and he has a large board of directors that he has chosen to support the mission of the organization. The Human Rights Foundation is a large nonprofit run out of New York, but it has offices around the world that are supporting their mission.

They want to be sure that they have reached out to the people around the world who are most in danger, and they also want to see what can be done about specific geopolitical situations around the world.

Geopolitical issues around the world can become very difficult to manage because there are people who simply do not want to negotiate. According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen stands in the middle of these situations working with both sides to make sure there is a safe solution. He knows that countries often do not go to war so much as they become too insular.

The insular nature of these countries can cause their people to suffer, and Thor Halvorssen wants to be sure he is avoiding such suffering. He got his start long ago as a government official in Venezuela who found corruption that he stopped. He was disillusioned with the way government operate, and he wanted to start an NGO that would help anyone.

The NGO known as the Human Rights Foundation has people working with it around the world, and it also has a lot of people donating to the cause. Thor Halvorssen is able to aid human rights efforts around the world under the flag of an NGO, and he will reach peoples who are not receiving assistance any other way. It is very important for people to feel safe worldwide, and the Human Rights Foundation does a very good job under their leader in helping the helpless.

Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

Class Dojo is Better Than Status Quo!

Teaching is a stressful job, and certainly is only a calling for those who have the patience, ambition, and sincere love for working with children. Occasionally, there is a teacher who is put into this line of work by some higher power. I am one of those teachers. Although a certified teacher, relocation and life have currently positioned me as a guest teacher (nee “substitute” moniker of yesteryear).

Guest teaching is a harrowing experience for most and therefore the few of us masochists who actually enjoy the ongoing and endless changing of grades, students, schools, rules, etc. have also learned of a new community building software app that is also very beneficial for the guest teacher(s). That app is known as “ClassDojo.”

Having first experienced this new software app on a second grade teacher’s smartboard, I was a bit perplexed at first and more than just a little curious. Hence, a little online investigation of the app pleasantly taught me that not only does it provide a quick and easy communication platform for the entire class, it also provides a “lifeline” to the students’ parents, thereby creating a perfect little triangle of community that does indeed enhance the educational process. Parents can also be made aware of their children’s kudos and demerits online whenever they occur if they are signed up for the service.

The app also provides the ability for a student or teacher to take photos or video of the project they are currently creating and the visual is parlayed directly to the parent. Students love this attribute!

ClassDojo’s creators and founders, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, created the app with the mission statement that change in schools is a ground-up process which largely begins with the classroom teachers. The founders’ theory is that a classroom culture changed for the better in turn can lead to improvement for the entire school, then to the community, and ultimately will improve all of academia’s conditions with infinite measures.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that the entire app can be downloaded at will but with obvious approval by the teacher’s school administration. There are the obvious and typical pundits who decry it as a violation of privacy policies; however, ClassDojo has been successfully used in as many as two out of three public schools since its surfacing in 2011.

Academia cannot flourish with an attitude of status quo, so let’s ClassDojo!

Why Does Gooee IoT Lighting Work At Home?

Gooee IoT lights will work really well in the home because the people in the family are on a schedule that changes during the day. Certain people are sitting in the house every day while they are trying to work or read, but then other people come home and the lights have to change. The needs of the family are very easy to manage because the program for the lights can be changed as many times as the family wants. The family can make sure the lights always do the right things, and then they can use the lights to save money.

Someone who is trying to be sure that they can save money on lighting will still get results because saving money on lighting is actually really easy. The IoT lights that are used from Gooee have to be set up using special programs that will control the fixtures they sit on. The fixtures are very easy to use, and they are much simpler to manage because of the way that they function. They are attached to the computer program, and they change so the family does not have to change everything around.

The family needs to be sure that they have bought something that will change the lighting for them and save time. Their whole family schedule will be followed by the lights, and Gooee fixtures can be set up to make any plan work. It is all a matter of trying to figure out where the lights should direct their glow.

LED is the Best

Gooee LED Lighting is, in my opinion, one of the best to both choose from and work with in the long scheme of things. It is energy and cost efficient. It is durable and incredibly long lasting. It is modern and up to date. It truly is the best!

For a bit of background to begin with for those of you who may not be quite as familiar with this particular type of lighting for home or business…..LED stands for LIGHT EMITTING DIODE. In essence, it is a type of semiconductor converting electrical power into light. It is definitely a blessing and an advancement in modern science and technology combined.

According to Gooee, the estimated life span of LED lighting technology stands at an average approximate range of between twenty five thousand and fifty thousand hours of faithful service and overall usage. That is not bad at all, when you think about it. The average American consumes about an hour or more of this specific kind of electrical power in one sole daily cycle. Yet the more that is consumed, the more that must be saved…..and this unique little type of electrical device/type certainly helps to keep the usage flowing normally, and the costs & billing down as well for the consumer. This truly makes things a ‘win win’ for all, as less electricity is consumed within the area and distributed/saved more effectively as a whole….allowing more better spread and distribution of electricity for all. That is why I choose LED!

Changing Health Care

There are a lot of people who are passionate about changing the health care industry. Over the past couple of years, the cost of health care has gone up much faster than inflation. This is not a good thing for people who cannot afford care. If you want to take things to a new level in this area, you need to work for a company that is willing to question how things are currently done. One of the best ways to do this is to work with a company like InnovaCare Health. If you want to help others, the health care field is a great way to do that. Medicare is a government program that helps people pay for medical care as they age. There are a variety of plans to choose from InnovaCare Health, and it is important that you understand how to do this the right way.

Health Costs

Anyone who is looking to make a change in the industry needs to concentrate on that health costs associated with the business. There are many people who are looking to make a change in their health care coverages according to Rick Shinto, and Medicare plays a big part in that. There are many people who are looking to invest in their health so they have fewer problems down the line. There are a fairly large number of plans that encourage people to take preventative tests that allow them early detection of certain issues on

Paying for Care

If you want to learn how to pay for care, there are a lot of ways for you to do that. If you want to take the next step in this journey, starting an HSA fund is a great start. This is a fund that you can put money into pre tax, so it accumulates at a fast rate. When looking for a Medicare plan with InnovaCare, you should consider the payment options that are available according to Penelope Kokkinides .

Final Thoughts

The health care field is changing rapidly over the next couple of years. There is a lot of new technology in this area, and the cost of care is going up faster than a lot of people realize. If you want to take the next step in your finances, learning how to pay for medical care is one of the best ways to do that. There are a lot of people who are looking to find creative ways to do so with InnovaCare Health.

The Advantage Of Organic Lip Balm

Lip balm is made from many things and in many different ways. Unfortunately, just because something is called “lip balm” doesn’t mean it’s truly balmy for your lips. In fact, it could be a substance ultimately harmful to them. Parabens and petrolatum are known cosmetic chemicals which have been shown toxic to humans. Yet many agencies today use these chemicals on a regular basis. Before you buy any lip balm, you should check its ingredients to see if they include anything that’s bad for you. Following are several other tips to consider so that you can find the balm that’s right for you.
How many different product lines does a brand of balm has? Is there just one? Well, then it’s a new balm, and you may grow tired of it. You want at least two lines; three is better. One should tend toward sensual appearance, the other toward practical appearance, and if there is a third, it should have an emphasis on maintaining health in climates that are dry or for skin that isn’t generally moist.

Check out Ulta for the flavor varieties as well. You want a flavor that fits you. Also, how that balm is applied should be considered–the old stick application is becoming out of vogue. Now all the rage is sphere balms.

Evolution of Smoothness, or EOS as its called by the media, features organic lip balm solutions filled with natural healthy ingredients like jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter. It comes in spherical applicators and a variety of flavors as well. See,

EOS features three lines of balm which is also available online at Their Active Protection line is designed for dryer complexions or harsh climates. Their Shimmer Smooth line gives that sexy glisten to lips without making them feel sticky or uncomfortable; and their Visibly Soft line makes lips look and feel exceptional. Follow EOS on twitter.


Change The Way You Define Your Makeup

There is a number of women that want to make a bold statement with their makeup. Their looking for something that holds up to the elements and is easy to transition from a day to night look. There are thousands of women around the world that benefit from the unique beauty products by Lime Crime. Their unique line of products offers their customers vibrant cosmetics, accessories, and shoes. You’ll love the statement that you’re making with your makeup because it’s a bold new you. Your friends and family will think you hired a makeup artist when they see your new look. Create a new you that everyone will love.

Lime Crime CEO and Founder Doe Deere was voted female entrepreneur of the year. She works hard at bringing customers colors and accessories that they can appreciate and have shipped conveniently to their door. A recent article in Galore has highlighted the progress that Deere has made over the past year. Her leadership and expertise in cosmetics has increased Lime Crime sales on Doll’s Kill by 48%. They have a great reputation with their clients and they’ve received a very high customer service satisfaction rating. Canadian customers get free shipping on their order for a limited time as a sign of customer appreciation.

Doe Deere has said on the company’s blog that she can recall trying on her mother’s makeup and clothing as a child, but she was never satisfied with the dull neutral colors. She understood the importance of creating her own style and brand of makeup from a youth. She decided after years of trying her mother’s makeup and clothes that she would invent her own makeup line. Now Lime Crime offers an assortment of colors that will stand out against the competition. Build a new you with a great selection of velvetine matte lipsticks and eye shadows.

The Life of Jose Manuel Gonzalez

There are few people who have the work ethic or intelligence to start and run a successful company. In the country of Venezuela, there are a lot of people who are wanting to break out of the current economic crisis. There are a lot of moving parts in the economy, and right now Venezuela is struggling to make things work. There are food riots in the streets, and with the low price of oil the economy is really struggling to produce. If you are someone who wants to start a business, Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a great person to learn from. He has been able to start a successful company in a variety of different economic climates. Over the long term, starting a business is not easy. Finding financing and customers takes a lot of time and hard work. However, if Jose Manuel Gonzalez can do it, so can you.

The Price of Oil

One of the biggest economic factors in Venezuela is the low price of oil. A lot of people do not know how to make a living while oil is down. The entire economy is based off of oil exploration and exports. This is one of the biggest reasons why the economy has struggled so much in recent years. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has had a tough time keeping his companies afloat. However, he runs his companies in a conservative way, and this has really helped him throughout the process. A lot of people are now out of business because they were highly leveraged with debt in their business.

Next Steps

Over time, Jose Manuel Gonzalez wants to continue to develop his business and grow his influence in his country. This is someone who is passionate about what he does, and he always wants to take things to the next level any way that he can. Jose Manuel Gonzalez knows what people are looking for when they come in to the business, and that he will continue to drive things forward no matter what happens. If you are someone who is looking for help in business, Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a great person to ask.

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