Nautical Themed Upcycled Wine Tote Gift Set

July 20th, 2013 | No Comments » | by kristel

Wine Gift Set

Here’s a cool gift for wine drinking friends and a family! This Sea Bag wine tote is handmade in Portland, Maine and uses recycled sails! I am a big fan of The New England Trading Company’s unique handmade items and this is one of my favorites. The tote features a navy blue anchor on the front and a helpful “to” and “from” label on the back, making it a perfect gift with a good bottle of wine. This set also comes with the Sea Stones Wine Bottle Stopper (as pictured). It is crafted using genuine New Hampshire sea stones and has a great nautical feel to it .

Buy It: The New England Trading Company

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Brighten Your Breakfast with this Sunnyside Egg Shaper

July 20th, 2013 | No Comments » | by kristel

Sunnyside Egg Mold

Did your breakfast food always seem more appetizing as a child because your parents took the time to arrange it creatively on your plate? Now your morning eggs can be deliciously appealing again with this Sunnyside Egg Shaper ($14). Just imagine that golden yolk of sunshine and its egg-white cloud brightening up your day. Yum!

Buy it: Perpetual Kid

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Comic Con Pics Coming Soon

July 19th, 2013 | No Comments » | by kristel

comic con

Just came back from Comic Con yesterday and had a blast!  Kimi and I only bought one-day passes and it was thankfully just enough time to explore the Exhibition Hall area. We learned our lesson from two years ago and decided to skip the panels this year, remembering how un-fun it was to spend most of the day standing in line. We saw tons of great vendors and artists, so I will be posting up my pictures soon, along with some of my favorite finds from the show.  Until then, enjoy these LEGO Ninja Turtles in all their glory!

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Neon Dinosaur Planters – For Kids and Adults Alike!

July 17th, 2013 | No Comments » | by kristel

dinosaur planters

I laughed for a good minute when I saw these awesome Neon Dinosaur Planters because I had a mental image of these dinos saying, “YAAAH!”  For those who want to combine fun and functionality in their homes, these are a great way to try out your green thumb.  They are handmade in Santa Barbara too!


  • Approx: 20″ L x 12″ H each
  • This planter is designed to hold any 2″ or 4″ plant and can be used indoors or outdoors.

dinosaur planters

Buy it: Uncommon Goods

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The Awesomeness of Super Good! – I’ll Shoyu!

July 7th, 2013 | No Comments » | by kristel


I'll Shoyu!

Special thanks to the Brands Boutique for introducing me to the adorableness that is Super Good! They are one of the many awesome companies that will be participating in the Brand Boutique’s Pop-Up Shop at AX this weekend, so if you’re attending AX, enjoy the cuteness for us both.

When I saw this “I’ll Shoyu” shirt I got really, really excited. I’m originally from Hawaii and have been living in the mainland off and on since college.  While I lived on the east coast, in particular, people always thought I had a funny accent and I guess it’s true. Anyway, there are certain words/phrases that make the Hawaii-radar in my head start beeping and “shoyu” is one of them.  Friends would be confused when I asked for the shoyu at Japanese restaurants.  “The what?” they’d ask. I’d point to the familiar bottle that never says Aloha Shoyu anywhere but Hawaii.  “Oh, soy sauce.”  After doing a bit of digging, I found out that Super Good! is a Hawaii company. Yaaaaaay! Not only do they make t-shirts (for guys and girls), Super Good! makes earrings, stickers, and keychains/zipper pulls. Lots of cute stuff to choose from!

Okay, enough blabbing. Enjoy!

Super Good!

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But It: Super Good, the Brands Boutique, Blue Collar Distro

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