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How Principal Executive John Goullet Makes Diversant Staffing Agency unlike any Other in its Realm

Diversant staffing firm is a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise, (often dubbed MBE), and is the largest African American owned staffing firm of its kind in the United States. Diversant offers a wide range of variety when it comes to scalable IT staffing and diverse products specifically, including the following: IT staff augmentation, innovation diversity solutions, and direct hire.

Diversant believes itself to be a very unique and different type of staffing agency, as their products and services offered are based on original and best-in-class methodologies, as they claim on their official website. They also have a wide range of unique transformative ideas that are mainly aimed at the same goal: to meet the needs of clients and associates as well as the communities they serve in. Diversant helps both clients and associates solve critical issues by utilizing a unique approach and engaging each and every one of their clients as true business partners. As stated on their home page of the official Divergent website, they state that they in fact believe “that diversity in all its forms leads to greater opportunities for consultants and partners, and to more innovative solutions for clients.”

John Goullet, Principal of Divergent solutions is able to do something no other person in the company can accomplish: to continue his own unique passion for developing new ways of meeting the challenges facing the ever-evolving IT marketplace. Goullet is an entrepreneur at best, who began his professional career working as an IT consultant before switching to IT staffing in the year of 1994. To this day in age, he has led a high number of extremely successful ventures in the specific IT sector with a clear understanding of market trends.

John Goullet is also the founder of an IT staffing company called Info Technologies, which specifically focused on providing solutions to various Fortune 500 companies nationwide. Within a period of five quick years, Info Technologies grew to earn approximately thirty million dollars, and also earning the number 8 spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing privately held firms in the U.S. in the year 2010.

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Keith and Keely Mann Impact lives

Rather you choose to believe it or not children are our future. The children are the ones that will be our next lawyers, our next teachers, our next firemen, our next presidents and leaders. Because we recognize that they are our future it is very important that we do all we can to invest in them. Investing in them doesn’t mean just putting money into their pockets. Investing in them meas investing into their future and making sure their futures are secured for many generations to come. It’s almost as if it’s a way to pay it forward.

Recently future leaders from across America began to rejoice when it was announced that Keith and Keely Mann would be teaming up with Uncommon Schools to give away their very first scholarship. In order to be eligible for this awesome opportunity you must write an essay about how receiving this scholarship will aid you as you journey to pursue your career.

Keith Mann is no stranger to the business or education world. For years Keith has been heavy hitters in the executive search world ad have used their platform to send several students to college as they seek to explore great opportunities. This is a dream come true for many students have been longing for the opportunity to go to college or dream of having amazing careers but felt a lack of financial resources were holding them back. the sky is now the limit and there’s no stopping these Uncommon School students now.


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Let Handy Handle Your Spring Cleaning

Well it’s spring! Of course with that time of the year comes the one thing we all dread doing: spring cleaning. Even if it can be full of stress and strain, spring cleaning is proven to make your home feel healthier and improve productivity. To make it a less stressful cleaning, it’s best to plan it all out. Set aside a few days and write a list of the things that need to be done. Then start early in the morning and make sure you take breaks throughout the day. Once everything is done, have a little celebration to reward yourself of your hard work.

If you don’t feel like doing spring cleaning but your house has become an eyesore, the Handy cleaning company can be your all-time cleaning buddy. They allow you to order a home cleaner, plumber, or handyman using your iPhone or cellphone. Handy screens all their employees with background checks and personal interviews to make sure they have the right people to provide the best service. If you don’t like the service that they provide when cleaning your house, they offer money-back guarantee and cover replacement costs if anything was damaged.

Two years after they launched, the Handy company hit over $1 million bookings per week. Since then, Handy has been able to fulfill many customers’ needs as simple and easy as they possibly can. This company was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Oisin experienced many difficult times trying to find a good cleaning service while he was studying at a college in Ireland. After enduring these times, he decided to develop the company Handy.

As stated, if you live the busy, bustling life but still wish you could do some spring cleaning, Handy can definitely help. Spring cleaning is part of life that you definitely don’t want to skip on. You don’t have to stress upon tackling this job. If you want to do it yourself, make sure you stock up on all the cleaning equipment you need and start with the hardest part first: the kitchen. Try to get rid of anything you don’t need or use. Then work your way into the dining room and living room. If you decide to let a great cleaning company do the work, don’t hesitate to give Handy a call!

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Athenahealth Inc. Reviewed By Institutional Investors

Athenahealth Inc. has had an excess of news around it in recent months. Hedge fund activity pertaining to the company along with other institutional investors has seen an increase. However, the company has not impressed investors with institutional sentiment dropping from 1.01 to 0.01 overall in the 3rd quarter of 2015. The 1.0 drop can be broken down into 20 funds selling all owned shares of Athenahealth Inc. while another 86 funds reduced their position in the company. It wasn’t all selling shares since 40 funds bought initial stakes in the company with another 66 funds increasing their positions. The institutional investors now own 47.97 million shares which are a significant 19% reduction from 2015 high. The services that Athenahealth Inc. offers are related to administrative needs in the healthcare industry. This includes cloud services for billing, records, orders, patient portals, and management services. They currently service 75,000 healthcare providers and businesses.

James Dondero has been invested in Athenahealth Inc. with his hedge fund known as Highland Capital Management. The management fund under Dondero’s guidance has reduced their stake by an impressive 83.13% in the first quarter of 2016 due to Athenahealth Inc. underperforming during a stock market rally. This is after James Dondero had been increasing the management funds position in previous months. It isn’t uncommon for hedge funds to change tactics on companies especially when they begin underperforming and as previously noted Athenahealth Inc. has had a lot of institutional investor attention in the 4th quarter of 2015 and 1st quarter of 2016.

Athenahealth Inc. isn’t the only business that Highland Capital Management has invested in under the direction of James Dondero. At its last filing the company employs 105 full and part-time employees and is managing approximately $15 billion in capital from 26 – 100 individual clients. Formed in 1993 by Dondero the business has specialized in alternative banking and finance just like its President, James Dondero did during his years gaining experience in the industry.

Source: Franklin Independent

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Andy Wirth Provides Leadership to Squaw Valley

Since he became the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in 2010, Andy Wirth has been on a mission to unite the community into a more functional and powerful year long tourist destination. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

There have been a couple of significant project that have taken his time and it is his leadership and ability to build a consensus for action that has endeared him to the public and allowed him to move the viability of this portion of the Lake Tahoe area into a much more attractive destination.

One of the projects that has just begun to be a reality was being uniting the two main ski resorts in the area with a user friendly gondola. This project will allow both skiers and snowboarders the option of using both mountains on the same day without having to take all of their gear off, pack it up and drive. Now that time can be spend using the beautiful ski areas to their full capacity. Read more: andy wirth | POWDER Magazine and Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth appointed chair of Reno airport board

This was an idea that was conceived long ago, but it took the leadership and compromise ability of Wirth to get all of the parties involved to sign off on the project. The previous ownership of the mountain used heavy handed, take it or leave it tactics to try to force change. It didn’t work. That is why the cooperative and flexible technique that Wirth employs has so much success. He has built a measure of trust with those in the community that he has the best interests of the area at heart.

Another area where the leadership of Andy Wirth has been vital is in making sure that the community was not broken up by some outside corporate interests. At one point there was a move afoot to separate one of the ski resorts and privatize the area.

That would remove resources from the community that are used for everything from plowing roads to garbage removal. Wirth was able to build a consensus of support in the area to defeat the effort. This allowed all of the business owners and residents of the area to avoid a lack of services and a significant raise in their tax burden.

It is through the ability of Andy Wirth putting the well being of the region first that has allowed for successful growth to occur. With more of his keen insight and flexible negotiating ability, there is no telling how much the Lake Tahoe area will grow.

Full of Options With Beneful

Beneful dog food is a highly popular brand among dog owners and is a part of the PurinaStore company which also offers other foods for cats as well as dogs. The Beneful brand has been on the market for many years and offers a wide variety of dog food options. Beneful offers wet dog food, dry dog food, and dog treats and within these three categories are a decent amount of subcategories and choices as well.
Beneful‘s dry dog food line consists of different meals that go along with a dogs life. They offer specific foods for puppies as well as food for weight control and brain activity. This is where Beneful distinguishes itself from many other brands because it offers more than their original line ( of dry food products. Their wet food consists of many varieties as well. The wet dog food ( comes with choices such as stews, rice medleys containing vegetables and meats. Having this many options can make a dog really feel like they are a part of the family and will keep them excited about dinner time and that is what most dog food companies want to do.

The baked delights and healthy smile foods are apart of Beneful’s line of dog treats. The baked delights come in different flavors like apples and bacon, as well as shapes such as hearts and stars. The healthy smile line is so beneficial because sometimes it is hard to keep up with a dogs dental health and having these types of dog treats can help out a great deal.

Talk Fusion: The Future of Video Chat

The very recently launched Talk Fusion video chat is already being topped at #1 all over the world. Its the #1 communication app in Indonesia, ranks 5th in Japan and 20th in Switzerland. After only being released a few weeks ago, Video Chat is quickly becoming the star at the app store.

With the apps communication ability and allowing the user to communicate faster with a more reliable connection makes this app all the more fantastic. It is able to be used with any device such as apple, android, mac, pc and any tablet.

The HD quality of the app makes for an easier communication process. Gone are the days where a pixilated face was all you saw on the other end. It is no wonder Talk Fusion is climbing the charts to becoming the best video chat source out their.

Talk Fusion has no intentions of leaving things the way they are. They are getting ready for their launch of the 30 day free trial and people everywhere are excited to try it. The app is currently available for free on iTunes and google play.

Talk Fusion has been a global leader in video marketing and with the launch of their new video chat, the future is shining bright for them. Their products offer innovation and insight into the future of technology. Their market includes independent associates in more than 140 countries.

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. he founded the company in 2007 and gave the world the first instant pay compensation plan. Talk Fusion believes a lot in giving back to all different types of charity’s around the world. Their goal is to produce a positive change and they want to inspire you to do the same. Talk Fusion has a bright future to come and we are excited to see what they have next for us.

Record Inflation Is Sending The Venezuelan Economy Into A Tailspin

The Venezuelan economy has been in the toilet for quite some time. Several items that are taken for granted in other developed countries are in short supply in Venezuela. Of course, this is nothing new. However, there is a new problem on the horizon that could bring the country to its knees: the country is running out of money.
Venezuela is broke. Well, “maybe not flat broke” says Norka Luque. But vendors are being paid at a snail’s pace, which is forcing them to cut ties with the country. Inflation has taken over the country, and the country can’t keep up. Actually, many question if they have enough money in the reserves to even print out new bills.

Although the central bank is remaining mum on what’s really going on, many diplomats like Ms. Luque and officials seemed convinced that the country is in deep trouble.

Last year, with the country already in turmoil, President Nicolas Maduro put in an expedited order for more currency. The country’s largest currency maker, De La Rue, responded that they were already owed a several millions and wouldn’t budge until the central bank made good on outstanding payments. To add insult to injury, the letter was leaked internationally.

Although the currency makers were paid, and the money arrived, the situation still doesn’t bode well for Venezuela. Vendors are still pretty perplexed about the situation and wondering if they should continue to do business under the circumstances.

Dare to Dream and Then Make Them come True

Anyone can make their dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to try because you won’t succeed if you don’t. So is the advice of many who have found their own success and happiness and it’s also the advice of many popular business men and women today, including Lime Crime founder Doe Deere.
Deere has always been a lover of color, bold statements and helping others make a splash and explore their own individuality. Her success story is just one example of how you really can accomplish anything. Her interesting life can serve as inspiration for everyone.

Today she makes her home in Los Angeles, but Deere was born and raised in Russia. The make-up mogul moved to the US when she was just 17 years old. While she was growing up she dreamed of being a musician and then, deciding early to follow her dreams, she trained as one. Even now she says her musical ability helped her in her career as a business owner.

Deere met her husband while she was playing in a band in New York. She says the two have been great partners in both music and business and work well together. She says that could be part of the success of her cosmetic line as well. For more information, You can follow her on Twitter

Now a make-up mogul, Doe Deere says she knew she had a good sense of marketing and business when she started her first business she was a 13-year-old, and made money selling temporary tattoos. Which is why she says her advice to anyone is to go ahead and follow your dreams. She says everyone has a special quality and talent and something to offer the rest of the world that is all their own. Just embrace that and use it to forge your own path.

Deere’s makeup line is full of blues and greens and other bright colors and she says the makeup is just one way that females can express themselves. The line sells well and Deere is thrilled to see how much other girls are confident when it comes to making a splash and embracing the bold statements of the eye shadows, lip colors and other products from Lime Crime.


Dogs are meat lovers, and Beneful has formulated a variety of savory, meaty wet dog food meals just for them. While some dogs just prefer the taste, some need wet food due to delicate gums, missing teeth or other health issues. Whatever the reason, these moist and meaty meals include a serving of grains and vegetables that all dogs enjoy.
Designed with the small dog in mind, Beneful’s IncrediBites are chopped into tiny pieces making it easier to chew and swallow. A 3.5-ounce can of this protein-packed food includes real chicken or salmon, carrots, tomatoes and wild rice. Each package according to wikipedia also includes the calorie count for dogs needing weight control.

Hosting an incredible variety, these nutritious products are meaty, include whole grains and vegetables and have the right amount of sauce. The meat is chopped and the vegetables can be seen. The 10-ounce tubs are available in these flavors:
• Chicken, peas, carrots and wild rice
• Beef, peas, carrots and barley
• Turkey, sweet potatoes, spinach and brown rice
• Salmon, sweet potatoes, spinach and brown rice
• Chicken, liver, peas, sweet potatoes and brown rice
• Lamb, carrots, tomatoes, spinach and brown rice

This Facebook advertised chunky beef stew product is prepared with pieces of real beef, savory sauce, whole grains such as rice and barley and pieces of peas and carrots. Pet parents love the 10-ounce resealable tub.

For dogs that like a mixture of dry and wet foods, Beneful Medleys are perfect for mixing or can also be used alone. Created with plenty sauce to mix well, these gourmet meals are available in 3-ounce cans. The variety of styles include:
• Mediterranean Style: Lamb, spinach, tomatoes and brown rice
• Romana Style: Chicken, carrots, spinach and pasta
• Tuscan Style: Beef, carrots, spinach and rice

Real roasted chicken, peas, carrots and spinach are the nutritious ingredients in this recipe. When opening the 10-ounce resealable tub, the food looks and smells fresh. Unlike other wet dog food brands that look like ground mush, this meal looks like a fully prepared home-cooked meal for your pet.



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