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Real TV Stars Apply Their Skills in Cable Reality Show

“Queens of Drama” is a reality television show that features real stars. Loosely following a script, the program realistically depicts the rewards and difficulties faced on a daily basis by those employed in the television industry. Although most of those who appear in the show could be described as well-established, some even in the declining years of their careers, one is defintely a rising star.

The program features six principal stars who are dedicated to developing and producing a TV pilot. One unique aspect of “Queens of Drama” is that every member of the cast has appeared in a TV soap opera. The principal star is Donna Mills, the venerable actress who has been associated with the TV soap industry for half a century. The others include veteran soap stars Hunter Tylo, Vanessa Marcil and Chrystee Pharris.

One member of the cast of “Queens of Drama” is Crystal Hunt, who appeared in all but one episode. At the age of 30, she is the youngest of the regular stars on the show, which in some ways makes her one of the most important cast members. She and the others were credited in one newspaper review with making “Queens of Drama” a “life size” program.

Hunt was launched into show business at 2 years of age, when she began appearing in pageants, and she would later be spotted by an agent while working at The Actors Studio in New York. She appeared for three years in the role of Lizzie Spalding on the show “Guilding Light” and for another three years as the character Stacy Morasco on “One Life to Live.” Her motion picture credits include “The Derby Stallion” and “23 Blast.” She has even produced her own film, entitled “Talbot County,” which was done with the help of fellow actress Dania Ramirez.  There’s also a trailer for the film up on Facebook, Crystal’s own work can be seen on her photography site.

The first episode of “Queens of Drama” appeared on the cable network Pop on April 26, 2015. The lead-in to the program on that Sunday night was the Daytime Emmy Awards show. Significantly, Hunt has herself been nominated for an Emmy for her work on “Guilding Light.” has Crystal’s entire history.

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  1. Their work takes place on both sides of the camera and features encounters with other soap stars, including famed TV diva Joan Collins. The premise of “Queens of Drama” is relatively simple, even though the goal of its cast is not. It can also get everything they need for top writing services to work it out in a fine manner.

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