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Rodrigo Terpins Keeps the Brazilian Rally Star Shining

He was born in Brazil in the mid-70s. It is interesting to note that even at that time when motor rallying was still in its early evolution stage, Rodrigo Terpins had a special interest in cars and rallying competitions. It is reported that he had a special place for cars as his playthings. He grew up to learn a lot about the motor vehicle engine and engineering. The 41-year-old Rodrigo is a brother to yet another rally maestro named Michel Terpins. Rodrigo Terpins is best known for his sterling performances in the prototype T1 Rally. He often drives with his brother helping out as his sailor. The two brothers are arguably some of the most decorated rally drivers Brazil has ever produced.



Rodrigo’s Achievements, Challenges, and Accolades



Rodrigo Terpins also takes part in the off-road Bull Sertoes Rally. His brother Michel also takes part in the rally. In fact, Rodrigo says that his brother is his mentor, particularly in the Bull Sertoes Rally, which is not meant for the inexperienced boys. It is a real muscle game that requires a combination of experience, skill, and stamina. Rodrigo Terpins drove in the Rally along with Fabricio Manchiana as his navigator. He finished in position 6 with a time record of 58 minutes. The more experienced elder brother and co-driver in the T1 Prototype Rally managed to clinch the 5th position in that competition. Michel drove with Sves Von Borries as a partner. It took Michel and Sven duo 56 minutes to complete the race.



Rodrigo’s Secrets to Success



Rodrigo Terpins is often interviewed by radio and TV stations because he has become a celebrity. In his consistent response, Rodrigo Terpins says that it is his focus and consistent hard work and patience that keep him going. Further, Rodrigo says that he keeps learning from his past experiences. He says that it is his past experiences that inform his current and future performance.



Rodrigo on Social Media



Rodrigo Terpins has 5 social media accounts. He uses his social media presence to connect with his fans and update them on the developments on the Racetrack. Rodrigo Terpins has five social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and Twitter.


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