Craft in the City

Securus Technologies Catching a Suspect in the Act

When my crime scene investigating team is looking for evidence, we will go anywhere need be to make sure the guilty party is held accountable. This week my team got notification that there was a couple who were robbing summer homes while families were back home for the winter season. This couple would break into the house, rob the house, stay at the house for days, then move on.


The trouble with locating this couple was they had no ties in the area, and they kept moving after they took everything that wasn’t nailed down. Unless we caught them in the act, it was going to be a challenge to find them. The couple seemed to stay in one area a few months and then be gone, and we knew they were just about getting close to making a move out of the area.


Without solid leads, we wound up at the local prison looking to see if perhaps the inmates could help us go in a new direction, but that effort was hopeless. These inmates would never help authorities and risk being labeled a snitch. Securus Technologies put the inmate call monitoring system in this jail, allowing officers to listen to inmates use the phones.


One officer informed us that the LBS software had detected a conversation about stolen goods, and it might be something we could utilize. This system is in 2,600 jails and all 1,000 employees work each day to make this world a safer place, something we can relate to. The call was by an inmate who was buying stolen property, and her mentioned to his associate he had a couple with a tin of jewelry they wanted to sell.


We made it to that meeting and discovered it was in fact our couple selling stolen goods on their way out of the city. We caught them in time.


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