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Shaquille O’Neal and Boraie Development are Making Newark Beautiful

When Shaquille O’Neal and his mother were visiting some of their relatives in Newark several years ago, they realized that the city was becoming so different, and there were so many buildings that were getting too old. The region was no longer as attractive as it used to be decades ago when O’Neal and his siblings were growing up. The city looked so good, and it was easy for people to have fun and enjoy their lives when visiting their region for any holiday. Shaquille and his mother spoke with his mom for a long time, and they saw the need of an investor who was going to change the situation for the people living in the country. O’Neal knew that he was the person to take on this huge responsibility.


After making this discussion, O’Neal decided to turn around the situation in Newark, and communities can now have the beautiful city they were dreaming of. Just recently, the businessman was one of the few professionals who turned up so that they could celebrate the topping off of a building that had just been completed. The project that has just been completed is believed to have more than one hundred and sixty apartments, and they are all ready for the people to occupy. The topping off ceremony is one of a kind, and it has attracted the attention of prominent people in the country, including the governor for the region.


According to, the high profile figures attending the ceremony attending the event said that they were happy about the new look in the city. These individuals thanked O’Neal and Boraie Development for the great effort they had put so that the residents could enjoy the beautiful city they once had many years ago. These individuals appreciated the fact that O’Neal never forgot his roots despite the career achievements under his name.


Boraie Development is also a great player in the beauty Newark has been getting in the recent times. The company is not new to the people living in this part of the country. Boraie Development was founded by a real estate investor who wanted the city to have a different look, and it has been doing quite well. Real estate has become quite challenging for the ordinary American investor, but Boraie Development has managed to stand the heat and bring the services customers look for. The experienced professionals in Boraie Development have constructed so many beautiful houses in the country. Visit the company’s website at

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