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Speech Synthesis Platform will enhance Wikipedia Accessibility to Online Users

Wikipedia plays the role of spreading knowledge and information. It allows interested individuals to share and discuss their opinions on a broad range of topics. These features make Wikipedia one of the most popular and established websites on the Internet. Currently, an open source program is running a fundraiser aimed at increasing the accessibility of Wikipedia by incorporating text to speech synthesis platform and helping online users in understanding the content of the website.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology University, which is based in Stockholm, Sweden, is tasked with the responsibility of developing the speech synthesis platform. The University has a prior history of incorporating text to speech synthesis.

According to the findings of Wikimedia Sweden, approximately 125 million people prefer text that is converted into voice. The user will have an ability of either reporting sentences that are poorly sounding or make the corrections by themselves. However, to make the right corrections, the users must have excellent linguistic knowledge. The group is trying to develop a platform whereby users can pronounce a word and allow the mistake to be corrected automatically.

The role of Wikipedia editors

Get Your Wiki is a platform that avails veteran Wikipedia editors that can either create or edit articles or pages. The experienced Wiki editors for hire handle a broad range of clients comprising of prominent individuals, companies, non-profit organizations, and other entities. They will create a Wiki page whose quality matches those produced by Wikipedia. They are equipped with skills of formatting reliable references properly. 

The platforms guarantee pages will be upgraded immediately and they will update a Wiki page and make sure that it is filled with accurate information and will make Wikipedia revisions as necessary. Since Wikipedia is an open-source website, users have the ability to edit any page. The experienced editors monitor the pages that are uploaded and protect them from malicious edits. The Wiki editing service maintains the uniqueness of content posted online. To hire knowledgeable editors, visit this site;

Advantages of hiring expert editors

Expert editors eliminate biases that are rampant when people edit their articles. The writers are equipped with mastery of Wikipedia manual of style, hence, can produce quality content. The editors have the ability to complete the editing process within a short period. Wikipedia has a partnership with popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing; hence, most of its article appears on their first page.

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