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Sussex Healthcare & Its Unique Amenities

Sussex Healthcare was established in 1985 and is an organization that helps residents who are dealing with many neurological disorders, such as

– multiple sclerosis
– dementia
– neurological conditions
– brain lesions and other brain-related injuries and complications

In 2002, the company gained its certification, and later, in 2005, Sussex Healthcare became accredited. When this home care network was created, it operated out of only one home. Now that the company has expanded, however, Sussex Healthcare has over a dozen locations.

These locations include:
1. The Clemsfold House- This country home has both private and shared rooms. The elderly and those with dementia are cared for here. With a lake nearby and many types of birds to watch, singles and couples, alike, enjoy living here. Up to 30 residents can reside here at a time.

2. Kingsmead Care Centre- This facility holds up to 34 people. There are separate units for people with mental and physical disabilities. The Kingsmead Care Centre is located near major bus routes, allowing residents to move about town more freely and to better complete their day to day errands and activities. The Centre is surrounded by gardens and offers 24-hour care from skilled nurses.

3. The Granary- The skilled nurses in this facility are familiar with Huntington’s Disease, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis. The Granary features therapy pools, a salt cave, and other ways to receive therapy. Residents are also privy to the mental, physical, and emotional health programs that have been set in place.

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In addition to the mental and medical health services, Sussex Healthcare offers residents access to gym facilities. Residents can choose to speak with specialists, who may opt to customize their exercise classes.

Workout classes have the ability to reduce tension, eliminate stiffness, decrease soreness. The various classes work the abdominal muscles, improve the joints, and enhance the residents’ flexibility.

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