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Jason Hope – Restoring Health through Technology

Scientists and researchers have long searched for the elusive solution to aging. Ageing is a complex process in which various body systems slowly begin to deteriorate from macro to a micro level. Ultimately, the degradation or aging overtakes internal body functions becomes increasingly evident externally as well. Jason Hope is a businessman, visionary and financier with a desire to contribute to society and a focus on health issues.

Tempe is the hometown of Jason Hope. He studied at Arizona State University, where he received his degree in Finance. He later pursued his Master’s degree in Arizona. He has established a successful career for himself in the investment world and developed an experience-based foresight for market trends. He initiated his career as an entrepreneur through the foundation of a mobile networking firm in 2004. He has a keen interest in diverse areas, such as politics, business, and philanthropy.

One of the leading healthcare organizations that Jason Hope endorses is the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) foundation. SENS is a research institute created in 2009, that attempts to solve the puzzle of aging and pioneer drugs to combat premature aging. Jason Hope has made significant donations to fund the work at SENS. These include a recent donation of 500,000 dollars to take Dr. Grey’s scientific work further. Mr. Hope has expressed much interest in this pioneering research related to renewal of cellular systems to reverse the aging process. These laboratory studies may prove to be vital in decoding the mechanisms that cause conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. The Chief Executive Officer of SENS, Mike Kope, acknowledged Jason Hope’s contribution at an event hosted by the Thiel Foundation. The Thiel Foundation recognized Jason Hope’s donation as part of its Breakthrough Philanthropy theme that honors persons who make a difference through technology-driven initiatives.

The Rejuvenation Biotechnology conference is a platform for the discussion of new developments in research against aging. This gathering is one of the multiple initiatives that the SENS Institute has supported to promote their research against aging. Other arms of their institution include SRF Education to enhance learning and SRF Research Institute.

Jason Hope has several publications on topics related to the internet. He believes that prevention-based approaches to aging have more relevance than treatment. His philanthropic efforts provide vital support to the research that helps to delay aging through biotechnology.

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