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Alex Pall Speaks On The Chainsmokers’ Evolution

The Chainsmokers’ music is relatively popular among many music fans who may probably find it difficult to identify them a couple of years back. Just last year, the EDM-pop duo was nominated for 3 Grammys, thanks to their hit song, “Closer” – their first No. 1 single on the chart.

Since 2012, Alex Pall has been focused on becoming a professional DJ while working in New York. But the Chainsmokers came to being when Adam Alpert, their now-manager, finally got the opportunity to introduce Pall to Taggart at an art gallery. Taggart, who had just completed his music program at Syracuse, was at the time, aspiring to become a professional producer.

Alex Pall told Interview Magazine that his main focus, as an upcoming DJ, was to organize shows while putting aside every other work. Despite being a challenging venture, he was obviously driven by a real passion to make his dreams come true. But he just has to create quality time and effort to give it the proper shot. Pall stated that he had to quit his job shortly after meeting Drew, as they just had to start working immediately.

Interestingly, both artists (Alex and Andrew) had similar ideas of what they wanted to create. This did not only help to facilitate the newly found relationship but it also gingered them to achieve the same common purpose. While they had to work together on the same music genre, they decided to come up with something relatively unique. They just don’t want to make straight-up dance music anymore.

To achieve this, they simply had to listen to everything before setting out to create what they think is intrinsically unique to their own style of music. Pall said they were just trying to instill identity into their own style of play. Obviously, there was no need to hide behind the curtains as it will involve lots of hard work and constant development.

Two years later, they appeared on the scene with “Selfie” but it wasn’t until 2016 that they made a remarkable impact on the Billboards. Now they’ve managed to establish a huge global collection of music fans but Alex Pall believes that they’re still on a “constant journey of self-discovery together.”

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