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The Assured Growth Of The Talos Company

The Talos company, in the oil and gas industry, has been one of the most successful ones in the sector. This could mostly be attributed to the fact that they have chosen to concentrate on their production. In the same line, to reduce production costs, they have chosen to carry out their activities technically.

The management of the company is one of their greatest assets. Their objectivity in the line, which is built around growth and further exploration is common and there is consequent unity in the kinds of decisions they make. For instance, the company recently made the decision of establishing oil mines in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

The management when making the decision on the location of their new explorations was doing so with an aim of growth. The diligence of their decision was proved when they were able to build and develop two companies (Phoenix Exploration Co. and Gryphon Exploration Co.) which have worked well in delivering the required returns to investors in terms of profitability attributable to equity invested.

The Talos company is very lucrative for potential investors. Those who previously invested in company (in 2012) when it was starting its operations have realized a lot of profits on their equity. Such profitability would be desirable to any potential investor. This is even in consideration of the fact that the oil and gas industry usually thrive a lot, due to the scarcity and high demand for their products.

The recent merger between the Talos Co. and the Stone Energy Corporation is one of the major decision the company has made so far, and it is strategic enough to be expected to increase the profitability of the company in future. Their competitive position was improved by the decision to merge with another company in the industry.

From the way it is performing currently, the company is projecting growth in fiscal year of 2018. With their exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, their daily production would be expected to grow from 49,000 barrels of oil to at least 53,000 barrels daily. The growth of the company is a non-debatable guarantee, attributable to the decisions they have made in the recent past.

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