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The Philanthropy Of Elizabeth Devos

Elizabeth Devos is an American philanthropist, businesswoman and educational activist who was born in 1958. She has made numerous philanthropic donations to education and served on several educational boards. Her husband is Dick Devos and together they chair the Windquest Group. The company places their investments into clean energy, manufacturing and technology.

The Devos family has a long history of philanthropic donations and have given hundreds of millions of dollars as the decades have passed. Betsy co-chairs a Foundation in Michigan who supports schools of choice. They specifically support the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The academy is a high school that was funded by her husband in 2010. Support is also given to two private Christian schools and provides scholarships so underprivileged children have the ability to attend a private school.

The American Federation for Children and the Foundation for Excellence in Education are also recipients of Elizabeth’s generosity. The Alliance for School Choice is another foundation she believes in. They have received a lot of help from the Walton Foundation for a number of years and grants have totaled more than twenty million dollars.

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Elizabeth is a member of the board for FEE. This is an educational think tank who supports school choice with the use of charter schools. In addition they support the Common Core State Standards. The arts and health care are also given support and ArtPrize is given major funding. ArtPrize has an art competition in Michigan on a yearly basis. Philanthropy is a way of life for Betsy DeVos who also offers her support to pediatric oncology at a children’s hospital.

Betsy’s strongest beliefs are in the area of helping the charter schools to grow and flourish and in school choice. She has stated all children should have a right to attend decent schools regardless of their financial situations. She has benefited numerous programs so these children can attend a private school and have the knowledge to make a good future for themselves. Potter’s house has helped her to accomplish some of her goals in the area of private scholarships. Her passion and philanthropic gestures are to be admired.

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