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The Possibilities of YouTube Fame

Wengie is the monicker used by Wendy Huang, a YouTube star who runs the channel known as The Wonderful World of Wengie. This channel has grown to be one of the most viewed and subscribed fashion and beauty channels in Australia. Wengie herself is Chines Australian and resides in Australia. Her brand focuses on beauty and cosmetics as well as fashion. Her YouTube videos are instructional videos through which she explains to her viewers how to do particular things. All of her videos have different content, yet all revolve around the same theme of cosmetics and beauty.

In an expert interview by, Wengie answered some questions about her inspiration for her YouTube channel. In her interview, Wengie says that her passion and interest in fashion and beauty began at a very young age as she wanted to learn everything she could about it. Having nobody to teacher her, all of her knowledge is from personal experience. Wengie also mentions that much of her focus in her videos is on Japanese and Korean cosmetics because of the lack of information out there for this demographic.

YouTube has become a platform for many rising famous individuals who are promoting their own videos. With this rise in popularity and subscribers, many users also promote products and/or services and eventually may even end up growing a business out of their online success. YouTube is a free platform and it is very interactive and easy to use. Being in an age of technology, many large companies are also catching on as they begin trying to establish an online presence in YouTube. Any individual who has made it famous on YouTube knows that it is a very difficult feat that takes a lot of strategy, dedication and consistency. However, if a lot of work is put in, it could pay off by turning a passion into profit by providing people with an audience and eventual consumer base.
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