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The Professional Journey Of Arthur Becker

Before becoming the managing director of Madison Partners, an investment company dealing with real estate and bio tech, Arthur Becker had initially ventured in biotech and real estate. First, he was invested in biotech and owned a tech company called Navi Site for ten years before selling it in 2011.Initially, Arthur was fascinated by the dynamic change in the bio tech world and how it impacted people. Navi Site offered internet technological services to businesses globally. After selling his company, he then decided to explore his real estate interest and purchased several housing developments in New York, Florida, and Miami. He currently owns several town houses in New York on Sullivan Street and an apartment in Tribeca. Visit Ideamensch to know more.

Throughout his career, Arthur has worked various jobs. Starting off at Parks Department at 16, he worked hard, and after college, he established a company dealing with disassembling of housings of the 18th Century. His venture in bio tech field has adequately equipped him in the technological field. Arthur stands for vision and identifying of different talents and skills. He is very passionate about his work and employs rational thinking before making any decisions. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Arthur Becker attended Bennington College graduating with a degree in Fine Arts and later attended business school at Tuck School of Business. With his specialty in photography and ceramics, he made photographic images and paintings with texture and visual artifacts in the 1990s. His artistic work is shown in New York at Hal Katzen, Morgan Walter Fine Art and in Florida at Art Basel and Arcature Fine Art. He currently deals with aspects of currency and its relationship with people.

Arthur was always driven by hi personal experiences in innovating his projects, in 2000 he became a successful stock broker after purchasing some tech companies. He owned a tech company which he sold to Time Warner in 2010. After the sale, Arthur formed a publishing platform, Zinio LLC, and became its executive officer and a board member. He decided to explore in real estate and partnered with development initiatives like the Billionaires’’ Row development and Madison Equities at III West 57th Street and 10 Sullivan Street respectively.

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