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Todd Lubar explains his journey as an entepreneur

Todd Lubar has run a successful career as an entrepreneur in the real estate sector. However, it was not all rosy from the start. Like most of the business we see today, he started small and grew with time. Facing and overcoming challenges as days went by. When Todd was starting his first business deal went wrong and was forced to go back to the drawing board and start afresh. However, disappointing this was, he did not give up, he woke up the next day and proceeded to work towards his goals. Through Facebook, he advises new entrepreneurs to be always ready for the challenging life of in the business world. When faced with problems, you don’t sit back and lament. The best solution is to always remain focused, find new approaches to dealing with what is taking you down. Always remain on the lookout for opportunities that present before you as you handle the challenges too.

Getting the first customer usually marks the beginning of many businesses we see today. It is that first customer who opens our eyes to the opportunities that are available. As is the case with Todd Lubar, most business people get their first clients from their former workstations. In a story by Patch, he met his first client when working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It is also at the same place that he learned what it takes to run a mortgaging firm. Todd’s tenure at the company laid the ground for what he does today. He was able to get business connections with customers, real estate agents, financial planners and insurance agents among other personnel in the industry. These are the people he would later turn to the day he went into his own private business.

Another factor that differentiates a successful business person from the rest is the strategy applied. For instance in the housing business that Todd is in, there are hundreds of firms that claim to offer housing options but in reality, very few are genuine or even have the know-how to run such a business. However smart or clueless the players in this business might be, the use of internet marketing has made the job of attracting customers easy. With a proper internet marketing campaign strategy and good credibility, you can always be assured of winning the customer’s confidence.

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