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Weighing in on New Zealand as a Tax Haven

Recently, New Zealand has been touted as the place to be for people who want to have little to no taxes. Articles have made it seem like it is the perfect place and that there are very few taxes that people actually have to pay. While New Zealand may seem idyllic as a place to live, and it is, it is anything but a tax-free zone. Actually, in recent times the taxes on property and living in New Zealand have actually been increased and have been made even higher than they ever were in the past.

Because of the news articles, people have been flocking to New Zealand faster than you can say Kiwi. It has led to a huge influx in the country’s economy and has helped the area out immensely. Many people, though, end up disappointed because New Zealand isn’t the tax-free paradise that they had been dreaming of. The country itself is still nearly perfect for expats who want to live somewhere different than the norm, but it is not one of the places where they can live without worrying about paying any taxes while they are living there.

There are some places, though, that are tax-free or low-tax. There is a list of countries that have very few or no taxes and these countries comprise a list that is put out on a yearly basis. While New Zealand does seem to have lower taxes than some areas, it does not have taxes low enough to make the list. It has never made the list, and global Attorney Geoff Cone does not predict that it will ever make the list. He believes so strongly in this that he has actually put out specific responses to people who believe that they are getting a tax-free living arrangement in New Zealand.

Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney who works in many different areas. He is a professional and has worked with people who come from many different countries. While he is doing this, he is able to advise them on where they should move and how they are able to do it successfully. He helps advise on different options when it comes to moving, too. He knows some of the best places that people can go to live a tax-free lifestyle and he also knows that New Zealand is not one of the places that would be a good option.

While Geoff does not think that anyone should move to New Zealand for tax-related purposes, he does believe that it is a great place to live. The style, the way of life, and the economy of New Zealand are just a few of the things that he loves about this country. He knows that people will be able to live a relatively comfortable life in the country because of the economy and not because of the way that they are able to do it without ever having to pay tax. New Zealand is great for people who want a good place to live, not a tax-free place.

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